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Planets-Between-Partners Series: Sun-Uranus

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Planets-Between-Partners Series: Sun-Uranus

When we have our natal Sun conjunct Uranus we tend to emphasize some of the attributes of Uranus within our personality. When we have an aspect between our Sun and another's Uranus, we find a sense a surprise and excitement embodied within that person. On the other hand, when our Uranus aspects another Sun we may tend to respond to their expectations and their perceptions of us in a manner that reflects how we want to express our Uranus.

This may be at the heart of a Sun-Uranus aspect between partners. One sees excitement and attraction, the other surprises and incites change by virtue of reacting and acting according to their own agenda rather than meet another's expectations. That being said, let's look at the aspects.

SUN conjunct URANUS:
When we have a natal Sun-Uranus conjunction, the Sun is a powerful force that is located between us-on-Earth and Uranus-on-the-farside-of-the-Sun. The Sun "filters" and strongly modifies the expression of Uranus, IMO, letting us internalize and manage its expression to a great degree. It's only when we experience a transit from another point in the zodiac that we can be surprised by Uranus. HOWEVER, when we find our Sun conjunct a partner's Uranus, we have a new ballgame to play. Uranus delights us with its seemingly free-er form of expression, its ability to enlarge its scope of influence.

So, for the Sun-partner Uranus is different from what is expected, Uranus has the ability to more easily excite and introduce change. The partner becomes an amplifier of Uranus' experiences. For the Uranus-partner, the Sun becomes a bit of an anchor, a role model, a central focus that can shape changes and the impulse to introduce change for change's sake.

For lovers and friends, Uranus often expresses itself thru infatuation and a short-term loss of self-identity for the Sun partner. The Sun can empower the originality and uniqueness of expression that the Uranus partner exhibits. "Change" will almost always be evident in a relationship, either because one is often absent, or one is quite unsettled in their focus and goals, one is always responding to trends and fads, personality and co-habitation patterns are subject to fluctuation.

For those involved in a partnership of a business, social or project, this aspect may be less attractive and bearable. Consistency of purpose and progress will not be the rule of the day. Exceptions might be for those who write comedy sketches, books, artists and creative marketing, and things of that nature where Uranus can be put to productive use.

SUN trine/sextile URANUS:
There can be a harmoniously-accepted nature with these aspects. That is not to say that change, turmoil, surprise, creativeness and new directions are not existant -- they are -- but these and other attributes are accepted as part of the relationship. Intelectual ventures or sharing can be highlighted (for example, both may share or engage in polictical activism, causes or academic pursuits that stimulate ideas and conversation as well as actions).

SUN square/opposite URANUS:
Now, there can be conflicts here between what one plans for and work towards with what the other brings forward as change, modification or strong reactions against the direction being taken. Uranus doesn't like to be bossed or directed while Sun finds it natural to take the lead or set the direction. We can look for breaks, discontinuity, and unfinished business. The square brings more open conflict and power struggles into the daily experience and is not generally ever good for partnerships.

Both the SUn-partner and the Uranus-partner will have come into a relationship with pre-experienced and set approaches to managing their Sun or their Uranus expressions. These individualistic traits will have to be factored into the general guidelines noted above.

It is only when we share our veiws and experiences with each other that we can better get a sense of how these two astrological bodies may play out in our charts and in the charts of others. Astrology has a lot of cook-books to refer to, but in the end, astrology is a very personal set of views. Dave
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I don't have a Sun Uranus connection with mine. Maybe others don't either. Maybe that says something.
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I have my Sun Sesquisquare their Uranus. I think in part this may explain the on-again-off-again nature of our friendship. We tend to drift apart at times of individual difficulties, and then only come back together when our individual situation becomes so difficult we are desperate for the help Then things are great, until one of us is struggling again.... Just like clockwork...
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I have the sextile w/a good friend of mine (my Uranus, her sun). We are both Aquarius risings, Mars in 1st. Our Urani (?) are both prominent, mine conj MC and sextile Mars/ASC, hers natally sextile sun. It's b/c of her I started to get more involved directly w/activism and although it's my Uranus being activated, I would say she is the one who has changed me in a Uranian way, not the other way round. The thing to note is that anyone w/a birthdate close to hers has Uranus sextile her sun since the planet moves so slowly. She has a very wide network of friends or colleagues who are into activism and the internet.

I also have the sextile with the bf. Again, he also has a strong Uranus (natally conjunct Mars and moon, tight out of sign sextile with sun). He is not nearly as computer/activist oriented however despite a very fair minded and scientific Mercury conjunct Saturn in Libra - there's no Aquarius in his chart. I would say that our relationship is pretty unconventional but then again, we are unconventional people.

I will also say these relationships are not "on and off" in nature and interestingly, there are shared similarities in the synastry (earth Venus conj/trine my sun/Merc, our fire moons conj/trine etc.)
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