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Planets-Between-Partners Series: Sun and Neptune

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Planets-Between-Partners Series: Sun and Neptune

An opening comment:
I have been spacing the introduction of new threads in this series so that they don't crowd the many other interesting topics and questions that are offered in the Astrology sub-forum. If you wish to have these introduced more frequently then please let me know. Alltogether, there are 9+8+7+6+5+4+3+2+1 or 44 combinations to explore, but the combo's between the outer planets are common among the same generation -- so there are a limited number to cover, perhaps 25 to 30 combinations that are worth covering. So, we will be busy thru the fall and winter.

When this occurs in a natal chart we find a dreamer, one who goes thru life in a casual, trusting manner, expecting the best in self and others, having great imagination, one who might be a mystic or an actor or somehow engaged in another world of some kind.

When we are dealing with a partnership, all of this changes. If there are other positive aspects between the charts then this pairing tends to take on more positive expressions -- inspirational exchanges, sympathy, sensitivity. One lover (Neptune) can almost worship the other (Sun), showing great devotion. When other aspects are more adverse, this pairing can turn into a not-so-good expression -- Pity by Sun for Neptune, deception and suspicsion between the partners over imaginated slights, forgetting or being distracted (Neptune) by events/thoughts, disappointing Sun partners. Once the alure fades, confusion and doubt sets in.

These combinations are much the positive sides of the conjunction. We can look for unique forms of personal expression in order to see these two bodies at work in a partnership. One admires the spiritual and imaginative qualities of the other -- a tarot reader, a religous person, an actor, an artist. Shared time may include a lot of conversation -- talk of fashions, movies, books, celebrities that espouse causes and movements, new-age fads, social events and movements, etc.

SUN SQUARE NEPTUNE (as well as the 45 degree multiples):
Look for the negative aspects that might apply to the conjunction. These can include outright deception, ongoing misunderstanding relating to a lack of communication or focus, a lack of trust by Sun for Neptune, doubt, some form of infidelity being likely or at least suspected -- damaging the relationship in any case.

Sun may be driven to distraction by Neptune as Neptune at first inspires, then waffles or acts in a bewildering manner. The Neptune partner does not appear to be a constant factor to the Sun partner. While there may be some forgiveness and attraction in this opposition, the likelyhood of long-term positive relationships is poor if the partnership is a constant, daily one. This is better if short-term projects or contacts are the rule.

It is, to me, easier to descern Sun-Neptune contacts in a natal chart than in a partnership as there are so many ways to express a Neptune energy. Often, Neptune can hide itself, using another aspect-pattern to give it some form. It will be interesting to see what the list members share on this. Dave
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