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Tarot Cielo by Kat Black

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Join Date: 29 Nov 2005
Location: Montreal Canada
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Queen of Pentacle 
a regal!

I am delighted. The card is so lovely, a real treat for the eye.
I must tell again that I am so glad that some magic have permitted this projets from cielo to materialize
And what a perfect card to show first at this stage! 8 is about matérialisation, success by hard work and peristence, pentacles are too about material realm , and finances which was the key of this project.
I know you know it, I hope you feel it too.

I am so very glad!
Best of luck to you!
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Join Date: 05 Aug 2001
Location: Melbourne, Australia
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Fantastic news, RetroKat!!!

Looking forward to a completed version!!!
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retrokat  retrokat is offline
Join Date: 12 Aug 2002
Location: Western Australia
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Thanks! I've finished seven cards so far, I wish I could show them all without them getting pirated. Grrr.

I'm still pinching myself to see if I'm dreaming

Ouch! Nope, seem to be awake...
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JanetBoyer  JanetBoyer is offline
Join Date: 21 Jan 2004
Location: USA
Posts: 62

What amazing generosity! To Kat's anon benefactor: bless you.

When we send grace into the world--whether it's through a kind word, good thoughts or tangible "solid energy" like money--the world becomes a more magnificent place.

I imagine that a lot of beauty and good vibes will be generated from this generous act...even if the deck *doesn't* get published.

Congrats, Kat--and I look forward to your creations!

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Join Date: 26 Dec 2005
Location: Arizona US
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Thats great. Its nice to see someone doing something without a camera crew behind them...
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Join Date: 26 Dec 2005
Location: Arizona US
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I to own the Golden Tarot. I will be looking for the Cielo as well.
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Join Date: 21 Aug 2005
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Warmest wishes and a blessing on the house of the anonymous benefactor! What a lovely and appreciated gift!

Kat - looking forward to seeing the finished deck!
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tarot4fun  tarot4fun is offline
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Beautiful art~
Looking forward to more images.
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Lady of Wands  Lady of Wands is offline
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Lady of Wands 
New Member

Dear retrokat,

I joined Aeclectic so that I could express my appreciation of the lovely Golden Tarot deck, my excitement over the Tarot Cielo, and my thanks to your benefactor. The draft of your Significator card (which is also mine) is lovely beyond belief.

I can't wait for this to come out. Te agradezco!
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