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Tarot Cielo by Kat Black

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Originally Posted by trismegistus
so am I on the right track?
Probably not, since I'm not sure what you're suggesting.
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Talking oooo gooody

[QUOTE=retrokat]Yep... no fair, though. You know us, so you're not allowed to guess

then i'll hold mmy tongue and just drool a bit and jump up and down in giddy excitement....'kay?
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Owl Song 

Kat, I just ordered the Golden Tarot and I am looking forward to Tarot Cielo. I was just going to say--the original face used on the Queen of Wands might make a lovely Queen of Cups. I do like the updated version of the Queen of Wands. She fits the suit perfectly. Gorgeous.
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I just stumbled across this thread. I absolutely love the Golden!!! In fact, I have two copies of it, fearing that my first would wear out... but, even though it is used most every day, it is still good as new... none of the gilding has worn off in the slightest. I think it's a beautiful deck.

And I think the images for your new deck are quite wonderful. I will be getting a copy as soon as it is available. You're doing a lovely job. Keep it up.

Congratulations on your marriage. You look so happy, and I wish the two of you a lifetime of bliss together.

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First, let me say congratulations. Your wedding photos are lovely and the two of you look so very right together. Hopefully the family will come around, but if not, the love you seem to share will make it all worthwhile. Love the pirate, by the way!

Your cards are looking quite beautiful and so very expressive. The facial expressions alone are worth diving into for an in-depth reading experience. Love the new QoW, I think the first version, while beautiful, holds the serenity we'd see on either the HP or the QoC. Your new QoW looks a bit flirtatious and downright sassy. Love her!

The QoS looks just like I'd imagine she should. She's deeply intelligent and doesn't let too much emotion get in the way of ruling her domain. Wonderful choices. I love that you're giving us a preview of your images and also like the mystery...don't let the cat out of the bag too soon - keep us guessing!
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Smile Good Luck

I just bought the Golden Tarot and if this is any indication on the quality and beauty of the new one, I think all should turn out well. I have seen the cards that you have worked on already, and well... they're fabulous. Good luck and good work!
I wonder if anyone will ever attempt a set like this based on the Impressionists, Post-Impressionists -- wait there was a Gauguin deck right?, or the Modernists. The modernists probably would be have to worked with to do right.
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I just LOVE the Golden tarot, so I look forward to this one with great interest!
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gypsyinamorata  gypsyinamorata is offline
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When is it going to be available?
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Queen of Pentacle 

I wanted to thank you for this coming tarot. I know all the work implied... But as the golden tarot is so beautiful and so insightful, I am sure that this coming Tarot Ciolo will be a real wonder!

I have already been mesmerized with the few court cards I saw; the Queen of Sword seems so appropriate. I like that all the court seems to have the same format ("plan americain" we tell in French), it will be very much more effective this way.

I was mesmerized and so excited whit this whole project, I just cant wait to see the progress... And to own my very own Tarot Cielo.

Hope you'll be able to duplicate the so gorgeous presentation of the Golden Tarot. Box, heavy cards stock and gilded edges are sumptuous.
I own many limited editions deck, some very beautiful, but your open market Golden Tarot is the more luxurious of them all!

My best wishes for this project!
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Little Hare 


I've just taken my very first look at your website. The Golden Tarot is amazing! Stunning! I'm drooling over it

Congratulations to you and jasper


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