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Charging for a reading/internet

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GypsyMeli  GypsyMeli is offline
Join Date: 15 Jul 2005
Location: Michigan, USA
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Charging for a reading/internet

I have been doing my readings to friends and to people who have been referred to me by friends and have been doing it free. Someone suggested to me that I start to charge for my readings for a little extra income that I do desprately need right now.

What do you think about charging for readings?

Also I was wondering if anyone knows anything about doing online readings? Just thinking about doing it this way maybe through ifriends or Keen, but I have never done a reading online and I am not even sure how it could be accurate this way. If anyone knows anything I would appreciate your advice. Thanks!

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thinbuddha  thinbuddha is offline
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Some people may bring up "ethical" concerns about charging for readings. I haven't yet heard a good arguement why someone should be ethically bound to perform a service for free. IF it is a service (meaning if you are a good enough reader) then you should be able to charge for your time.

About reading on the net- I guess it depends on how you look at tarot. If you think it only works because of the energies of a person who is interacting with teh cards (perhaps you have them shuffle, select cards or cut the cards?) then I can see why you would think it doesn't work.

I would suggest doing some free internet readings first- just because you know how to read for someone in person doesn't mean you can put together a report of a reading together to send to someone. There is a big difference between answering questions of someone sitting right in front of you, and anticipating questions and answering them in your report. Also, you have to take into account that if a sitter isn't with you, there may be questions you need to ask them about their question that can be difficult to clarify via email.

Different ballgame on the net- Like I said- I'd practice some with this to make sure you are comfortable with it before charging people.

Finding clients on the net may be difficult too- it ain't as easy as just announcing that you are there- you have to find a way to sell yourself.

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Gayla  Gayla is offline
Join Date: 03 Sep 2006
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
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Hi Gypsy, I am in a similar situation...not sure if I should charge for readings or not. I do reading often, in person and on via e-mail, but I still don't feel like I have enough experience and expertise to charge for a reading. Also, I kind of feel like people really expect something 'profound' when they are paying...which at this point I feel affects my creative a way. I cannot always give someone 'profound'. I have picked up a couple of books on the 'business' of doing tarot, but haven't read them yet. That is a good place to start. Also, putting yourself a website together is a good way to market yourself as well.

Hope this helps. G.
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Bat Chicken  Bat Chicken is offline
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Bat Chicken 

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Why don't you join a reading Circle here to try internet readings? You will then get a chance to see how well you can do it with the support of other readers right here and get feedback that you can use? I think you can just offer readings in general as well in the parent forum for the Circles un der "Reading Exchanges".....

The Circle of Stones is open for sign-up until Saturday night. You are partnered with someone and get to exchange readings for them. If you are interested, feel free to sign up.....

I am not sure if that is what you are looking for - good luck!
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Joermit  Joermit is offline
Join Date: 19 Feb 2005
Location: Florida, USA
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I find an exchange of some kind is very important for any seasoned, developed reader... people will value their reading much more if they're putting some sort of value on it... and... as one of Umbrae's great posts mentions... charging sort of binds them to a reading in some way (I think that's how he put it), which I also feel to be very true... it doesn't have to be money necessarily.. but an exchange of some kind is important... when I read for friends I even do this... they'll buy me dinner, or a book, etc... my clients do pay though... even with fellow readers... we exchange a reading or other service as part of the process... I really think it's vital...

as far as online... I do know someone who reads through and seems to be happy with their arrangement... my understanding is you basically set your own rate and hours and if you keep up with things you can do alright... I've even heard of someone who's quite successful on it.. but I dunno all the details...

hope this helps... take care..

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GypsyMeli  GypsyMeli is offline
Join Date: 15 Jul 2005
Location: Michigan, USA
Posts: 13

Thanks for all the advice, I am going to check out the exchange and try to get some experience with reading over phone and internet.

Thanks again!
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