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got a professional reading

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Briar Rose 
got a professional reading

I got a professional reading done the other night. This is how it when:

I sat down, and was asked to take a series of deep breaths with my eyes closed. I was asked to picture a rainbow, and one color was leaving the group, and then wrapped itself in a bow around my heart (and to remember the color), then I was asked to picture a group of numbers 1 through 10, and to remember what # stood out.

Then I was told to open my eyes and roll 3 odd shaped clear dice that had symbols on them.

Then she laid out , face down, three sets of different decks, (each deck in three piles). I was asked to chose 2 decks.

Then I was asked to close my eyes, and think of a question or questions I would like answered. I heard HER shuffle the deck(s) 7 times.

Then she laid out the first deck, about 7 cards in a row (going up) and then the other deck had cards on either side.

So she used 2 decks for one spread.

She would occasionaly take cards from the deck and place then over the cards on the table.

At one point I know I got to chose a card when she fanned a deck.

Then with the cards face down (in the spread already) I was told to pick any card, she told me what hand to use each time.

I was never told the significance of that.

She didn't say anything like:
this person, or that person is, or someone is coming into your life, or this person is doing this or that, or mention hair color, etc....

She didn't explain each card, or groups of cards together.

She proceded to tell me about how to heal my inner child, and to tape a rose quatz to my chest, and about a couple of different meditations to get what I want (in life). Which I have been doing both for quite some time. My question was how to over come the obstacles.

It was an hour long.

She's a professional reader, and has a book out. I didn't the session. I got to record it. I didn't get anything out of it.

My friend had a reading with her, and my friend said that this woman listens to her spirit guides.

Well then, why bother to use the cards?

And what's up with the dice, and not telling me what she got from me rolling them on the table? And the rainbow~ that must be the Chakra colors, and of course the color you choose could be indicative of what you need to work on, right? But all she said was this helps her know what's going on with me.

And why didn't I get to shuffle the decks?

And, I never heard of combining 2 decks in the same spread.

I got lots of court cards; queens and kings!!!! I got lots of high #'s in swords, and low #'s in pentacles. I can only remember a few.

Anyone have any thoughts about this to share?

I get more from drawing my own cards, and from having people her exchange readings with me!!!!
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Thanks for sharing this experience, I've learned from this.

I guess it depends on the person and their expectations from a reading. I haven't been to a pro yet, and I think I'd be very dissapointed with a reading like this. I want to know why everything is done and what it means. I don't have a problem with people listening to their guides, though that isn't my personal experience (well perhaps that's what I experience as intuition?) and even supplementing that with cards...

Perhaps she has clients who enjoy the mystical/mysterious feel of not knowing what is going on?

If you aren't comfortable and confident with her as a reader, I'd suspect you shouldn't worry too much about the cards. Maybe do a spread for yourself, and if some of them seem familiar from that reading, perhaps those ones have greater significance.
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sounds like a load of old codswallop with a bit of over-rated rubbish thrown in for good measure.

fair enough roll some dice and use 2 different decks, but she should have told you the significance of each action.

i think that euripedes is right about most of her clients enjoying the mysticism that surrounds a reading......just a pity that she chose to do it with a tarot reader such as yourself. lol

if i ever get to go to a pro reader then i will probably be pointing things out to them if they don't come up with the goods!

jue xx
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Join Date: 15 Apr 2006
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Posts: 5,812
Briar Rose 

Thank ya'll for your support. I really appreciate it.

I like to know everything too. And I always ask if you want me to explain it, before I go babbling about! This way we both feel it's a smooth reading.

What I didn't like was the focus on the past instead of what's going on, and who's doing it, and who am I going to meet and what road would be better to take!

What totally surprised me was getting soooooooooo many court cards, and soooooooo many swords (which often is a sign to beware!). And what was up with all the penticles? She could have told me since she teaches Tarot classes and has a published book.

As for the dice, I think they are Astrodice. I am going to get the boxed set. I think those are the ones she used, if not, I like the Astrodice. So kewl.
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Join Date: 11 Aug 2006
Location: manchester, uk
Posts: 837

so she just gave you a review of the cards put together rather than what each meant in each position?

if so, then that is cheek at its most highest!

whenever i do a reading whether it is in person or by email, i set out each position that the card was and what it means there.

then i do a review to summarise the whole spread.

sounds to me that she is better at finding information to put together in a book rather than practising it.

jue xx
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Oh yea, one of *Those* types of readings. I've had those in my long past. Smoke and mirrors, baby. Smoke and mirrors. Lots of bells and whistles to keep you *thinking* you had a reading, and got information... but gee, you were TOO Smart for her.

Having a book out don't mean sh!t. It means she might be a good writer and possibly a good publicist, it doesn't equate being a good reader.

I wonder what she would have done if you started going into Tarot theory while she was in the middle of all of this... shocked her out of her stage-play long enough to realize that this was one client who actually KNEW the cards as well?

These are the folks who give "Real" readers a bad name. Sorry you had to experience that though, Heavensvault, that's just so not cool.
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How interesting to be on both sides of the table so to speak.

On your side, I'm very blunt and would have straight out asked what each card meant to her, as a learning experience for myself.
On her side, I don't let querents shuffle my cards, I don't want them bent or flying all over the room. Nothing like picking up cards off the floor on my hands and knees to ruin the effect ;-)

Thanks for sharing!
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Barbaras Ahajusts 

Come by my house, sugar, I'll give you a reading to think about for a long, long time! I'll even let you play with my deck!
Okay, I will only ask that you allow the heat from your hand be picked up by my deck!

If you see any dice around, they belongs to my grandchildren for their homework! You will see books laying about, but I don't leave them open for fear of them getting damaged! [sticky fingers or accidents] I will only need one deck unless I feel you need an Oracle to induce a deeper reading.

But I live in the woods, so you might want to come on a full moon. I can walk you into the woods so you can see your deepest thoughts and you can even take your rose quarts out from its tape and let it enjoy the moonlight too!

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Not all readers go through each position card by card. When I give readings that are on a per minute basis through a chat program, the clients usually don't care to be told that they got the 5 of pentacles in the obstacles position. They want to know what they came to ask me. I will mention cards and what they're telling me in the position they're in, but I don't go through the whole spread card by card. Especially for people who don't know anything about the cards, they want the message and really don't seem to want the details of the card/postion. Being someone acquainted with tarot, I can see why you wanted that. I would, too. Did the reader know you read tarot, too?
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Join Date: 15 Apr 2006
Location: The Berkshires, Massachusetts
Posts: 5,812
Briar Rose 

Yeah, she asked if I ever had my cards read, and I said, "Yes," and that I had about 7 or so decks. I'm a bit shy when I meet some like this, because I want to let them be themselves, first. This way I feel I can tell a lot about them.

I am sure she knows Tarot, as it's a good shop that she rents space at, and one of the students that took lessons from her said the classes were good. However....

The very first question she asked was, "What did your parents tell you about yourself as a child?" I knew then I was in for a theraphy session. One sure way to turn anyone off when you first meet them is to ask them about their childhood, unless of course your Marsha Brady.

I didn't like this reading, especially when lots of swords came up, and the Court cards with Queens and Kings and she kept focused on my childhood. That blew me away.

I didn't ask for a past life reading!!!!!! My question was, why are there obstacles in my way all the time!

She also drew cards from both decks in between telling me drawing cards (when prompted too), and sometimes she laid them over other cards.

The reading was paid for by my friend, so I was caught off guard. Next time someone does a professional reading for me I am going to bring my digital camera long so I can snap a shoot at the cards.

I listened to the tape once and it made me cringe. I thank everyone for their support on this. I don't mind any feedback still. Everyone is making me feel much better about the whole thing. Believe or not I am still a bit of a wreck about it.
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