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Planets-Between-Partners Series: Moon and Moon

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Planets-Between-Partners Series: Moon and Moon

We all have a Moon in our charts, and the nature of the Moon's symbolism is quite extensive. The Moon represents a focus of our NEEDS, it indicates the nature of our HABITS, the extent of our FEELINGS, what we SEE or PROJECT in/onto others, and some say it points to PAST-LIFE MEMORIES. This is an extensive array of functions for one astrological body to carry.

We can spend a lot of our time studying and thinking about how the Moon plays out in our individual charts but it can be as equally fascinating to see how the Moon of other's plays out in our chart -- and for our Moon in their chart. That's the focus of this discussion -- how does the Moon in one partner's chart seem to function in the other partner's chart.

This is not as easy as it might be when considering Planet A and Planet B. The Moon has a quality that differentiates from every other astrological body -- it REFLECTS! When aspecting a planet in our chart or our partner's chart, it may reflect that quality rather than its own attributes -- at least on the surface. This can make it hard to initially understand how the Moon works.

If we were to consider Moon in our chart opposite Sun in a partner's chart, we would expect the Moon person to reflect the Sun's vision, will, enthusiasm and focus. When one's ASC is conjunct another's Moon, the Moon person expects the ASC person to project their needs and expectations. So, we have a body, the Moon, that reflects and projects as if it were a mirror or a lens. We need to keep this in mind.

More importantly, when we have a connection between two Moons, we have a real issue in figuring out who we are seeing, whose needs are being acted upon, whose habits are irritating the other. Fun houses at a circus or a carnival have lots of mirrors that amuse us with their ability to re-shape our apparent environment -- but the mirrors of two interacting Moons are not always amusing.

Lets hypothesize how various Moon-Moon aspects might interact:

MOON conjunct MOON:
The Moon signs are likely to be the same, the houses different in many cases. This may seperate the focal areas of how the Moon expresses its primary needs, shows it habits, and what may prompt rstrong esponses. Lets say we have a second house Moon and a ninth house Moon. The second house Moon is sensitive to personal values and how the partner shows appreciation of what is offered. The ninth house Moon is intrigued by other places, responds to travel ads and the promise of new ventures. Second house Moon doesn't want to hear about willy-nilly things that could be tried or chased after, but values personal ethics and home/comfort surroundings that are familiar and can be trusted. Ninth house Moon wants a different dinner some nights and not the same old thing on a predictable schedule, wants to experience and feel the great outdoors and new surroundings.

MOON opposite MOON:
Whose talking to who? Who projects, who reflects. This may be a most challenging aspect with opposite signs -- and lets hope that there is also no opposite house position to make it more complex. The polarity may not be compromising here but can be confusing one day, agreeable the next, and then irritating. Remember, the reflection and the projection can involve habits, needs, feelings, old-earlier event issues, family values, etc. There is room in this configuration for the whole world to intrude into ones personal relationship. Its going to be interesting to hear the list's first hand accounts about this opposition -- I don't think there is enough room on Solandia's server to store all that might be written about this aspect between partners.

MOON square MOON:
At the least, the battle lines and ways of dealing with Moon square Moon is a bit clearer and better defined after the partnership has existed for awhile. The question is will the emotional level and reaction-buttons be managed or let run wild. Will the partners come to an agreement about how to play the game of discordant habits, feelings, response mechanisms, needs, family values, etc.? Of course all of the other aspects in the chart will contribute to how well this will work out.

The sign locations of the Moon will be in square aspect; Fire to Water, Water to Air, Air to Earth, Earth to Fire -- these will give uncomfortable qualities to each Moon making the partner's Moon responses to be cast in a tone that one may not be used to. If you have an Earth Moon, the a partner who reacts thru his/her Fire Moon or Air Moon can be uncomfortable at times -- responding with too much talk, too much motion, too much enthusiasm, nothing practical, considered, typical.

So, thats the start of our discussion. Lets all share and learn. Dave
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For myself, the moon-moon conjunction bestows such a powerful, instinctual compatibility that it can be immediately detected and can override more superficial incompatibilities. There's an instant feeling of familiarity, it's unspoken and immediate. I have found many people have experienced this to be a very comfortable and secure placement for romantic relationships, regardless of house. The conjunction can also indicate a similar upbringing.

I also have moon TRINE moon with a lot of friends. I find this also bestows an instinctual compatibility but the sense of sameness and familiarity is not as strong. But the connection is still unspoken and immediate in the same way.

Strangely enough, I have moon OPPOSITE moon with friends as well. I can always pin a Gemini moon lol. Not surprizingly, the upbringings of those friends are very different from mine. We may get along, but we are coming from, well, opposite directions. I agree, it is a very complex configuration, perhaps more so than conj and trine. It can be irritating at times but having said that, it definitely can get you to move outside your comfort zone, esp if you do something moon-like together, like living together. e.g. I once travelled with a Gemini moon. I am a LATE sleeper, but he insisted on waking me up by pouncing on me and laughing at 9am or some ungodly hour. Damn him! I'd think. Of course, we ended up getting more things done that way. The opposition was better in other ways - division of labour like cooking, cleaning worked out very well b/c we prefered to do the opposite things.
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Originally Posted by dadsnook2000
If you have an Earth Moon, the a partner who reacts thru his/her Fire Moon or Air Moon can be uncomfortable at times -- responding with too much talk, too much motion, too much enthusiasm, nothing practical, considered, typical.

Yeah, me Earth, him Air, and his gabs all the time. We have a relationship that is role reversal. He wants to talk and I don't. He sees me as too quiet. Well, you know, he does enough talknig for the both of us, I don't need to chime in, lol.
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i have no moon moon contact with my husband - that says it all

totally 2 different people and different needs

i have a sun sextile moon contact with him (his moon) and he supports me in some things and thats it (shouldnt complain)
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Two cases of Moon-relationships

My wife's Moon is exactly on my 0d Cancer Ascendant. She just can't understand why I don't see and respond to her specific needs and responses to situations in the same way she does. Its a "man thing" to not always express things as a woman would -- she's had a lifetime to deal with that. Our Moon's are sextile each other within 3 degrees and neither Moon as any other aspect to each other's planets. So, an Earth Moon for me, a Water Moon for her. This is somewhat compatible given the ASC and sextile aspects.

A close friend, also deep into astrology, has her Moon square my Moon from Gemini. My Moon opposes her Saturn, her Moon opposes my Jupiter. Now, there are a lot of interacting connections between our charts, so that will color any observations made, but I'll try to look at just the Moons. With her Moon opposite my Jupiter, I find her supportive and encouraging in terms of our astrological interests and craft-based hobbies (she makes dolls, I do wood carving). My Moon is opposite her Saturn, I tend to reflect and empathize with her burdens (an ill husband and daughter, taking care of grandkids, working part time to support the family). The square (Air to Earth) keeps a form of tension and difference of views between us that we utilize as a type of discussion and experience focus, each prompting the other to look at life in different ways. I don't think we've ever had a cross word or disagreement, but that is common with friends.

So, using these two examples, what can I say about a sextile Moon versus a square Moon relationship? The sextile Moon's (wife) make issues clear and simple but the lack of other aspects seems to keep the relationship in a focus that addresses common goals. The square Moon's (friend) and their many interlocking aspects keep that relationship in a focus of exploring all kinds of interests and sharing them.

As I mentioned in the first post, the reflecting nature of the Moon can make it difficult to determine what you "see" in others -- yourself or them. The Moon in our chart deserves a lifetime of study -- but I don't think we'll ever fully understand its roles. Dave
PS; next we'll be exploring another difficult aspect -- Moon and Mercury.
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