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Planets-Between-Partners Series: Moon and Mars

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Planets-Between-Partners Series: Moon and Mars

Oh, that Moon! First we looked at its relationship with Mercury and saw how it could have difficulties in communicating and understanding events in ones daily life -- I linked this to "talk shows" on TV. Then we looked at how Moon related to Venus as found how nice-nice this combination tended to be -- a romance sit-com show on TV.

Now we are going to examine how Moon in one's chart works with Mars in the partner's chart. Together, in a natal chart, these two can be linked to a highly emotional, responsive, almost explosive personality. Split between two charts, this combination can work differently.

MOON conjunct MARS in the partner's chart:
Moon can be easily aroused by Mars, sort of a "reaction on demand" type of situation. To best understand this, we have to look at how Moon in a chart is linked to other planets in that chart because this can "condition" the type of response-mechanism triggered by the partner's Mars.
** One's Moon in good aspect to the Sun can provide a firm sense of self -- the partner's Mar's can provide positive energy and aid in imagination, visualization, a hopeful and positive role in the relationship.
** One's Moon in good aspect to Mercury can provide a balance between emotions and perceptions -- the partner's Mars will not tend to set off alarms or negative responses but will stimulate the mind thru conversation and those projects/activities that both engage in.
** One's Moon in good aspect to Venus will tend to produce a highly positive personality -- Mars can work well with this, feeding into the physical expression of the relationship (sex, artistic efforts, sports and exercise, etc.) in most cases.
** One's Moon in good aspect to Mars will be able to use the partner's Mars as a real stimulus in most cases -- but this can also lead to too much Mars energy to work well. Agressiveness and conflict can easily come out of this.
** One's Moon in good aspect to Jupiter may provide great expectations and a proclivity to "gushyness" in response to others. The Mar's partner may not deal well with this.
** One's Moon in good aspect to Saturn would tend to stabelize emotional levels, helping to better direct and work with the partner's Mars energy. The issue to watch might relate to "management" of the partner's Mars -- Mars isn't into being "managed."

So, to get back to the broad issues of Moon and Mars between partners. Arousal, response, hypersensitivity, vulnerability -- all of these are possible. Mars will assume that it can have its way with the Moon partner. Depending upon how Mars works with other planets in one's chart, this combination can work better in either the man's case or the woman's case. I know the cook books say this is a Man-acting-on-the-Woman aspect, but it can work either way in my experience. This combination is often a strong "romance" signature for those seeking a relationship, deep or shallow.

MOON square MARS in the partner's chart:
Mars tends to aggravate and pressure the Moon in this aspect. The right action at the wrong time, in the wrong way, for the wrong reasons -- you get the idea. Normally one might expect that partner's could set "rules of engagement" but neither of these two astrological bodies tends to listen to reason or act with prudence.

MOON opposite MARS in the partner's chart:
The opposition always tends to strive towards balance but that road is mostly a dynamic one -- first one prevails, then the other prevails. It a competitive situation more than a cooperative one -- especially when we have "act-now" components such as Moon and Mars involved. So, this denotes a strong attraction between couples, but it may not have enough stable time to allow the contention to be calmed and smoothed. So, if the prize is attractive, then be prepared to work on the relationship and give it enough time to form. Moon will deal with its emotional ups and downs, and will have to not feel always pushed or crushed by Mars' abruptness. Mars will need to find ways to deal with the emotionalism of Moon when it isn't appreciated.

MOON in sextile or trine to MARS in the partner's chart:
These aspects tend to find minute-by-minute ways to blend these two energies, to find the best solultions and experiences. For romance, for running a household, for friendship, for managing a partnership -- this works well in almost all cases.

I hope these observations can help the list members better understand their relationships where these two planets are in aspect between their chart and their partner's chart. I hope we can a little more sharing and comments than we have in the past couple of postings. Dave
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Hello. After crashlanding back into divinatory learning I'm settling into studying a huge lot at once. So hello Dave and others in the astrology threads, I'm (re-)new and I'm about six months late but absorbing the tomes of info here.. so THANKYOU.
Working on my partners charts now-it's fascinating. I hope this isn't inappropriate but I wanted to say hi before I take my seat over there
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Posts: 3,474
For namesoftrees

Welcome to the Astrology Forum. We have a tremendous amount of information here including the Planet Series threads which have covered most of the planets, some of the planets in combination/aspect with other planets, and also "phase relationships" -- a quick way to gain core insights into the querent's personality and potential.

This Planets-Between-Partners-Series has started to look at how two planets, one in each chart of each partner, tends to interact relative to the aspectual links. Like all of the threads that are started here, the value comes not so much from the initial posting but from the sharing that validates our understanding of astrology. Glad to see you here. Enjoy. Dave
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his moon in pisces trine my mars in cancer

i egged him on so easily whether for business reasons or personal reasons - i knew i called the shots! and it was all good - i motivated him

mars controls things off the moon for good or bad whatever the aspect
in my case the trine was mostly good

he would jump when i said jump and we both knew it

he was also responsive (moon) to my sexual messages which was great

its like he wanted me to take the lead but was never overly saying that - i just knew

his own moon was trine his mars too - born 5 days of each other - we had similar natal aspects

his moon was opposite my pluto and his natal moon was opposite his pluto - so i think he felt sandwiched trapped between my configutation and his - i was too much perhaps - i didnt count on his sensitivity - live and learn

overall i think mars-moon can be very sexual vibrant connection - i have moon sextile another person now and we hit it off well....its a lovely aspect even the square - i say that because my mars is in cancer so i do emotions small and big and that suits a moon person fine lol

its a motivational get up and go where you need to aspect between two people which is good thing - lively and keeps the sparks flying

just my 2 p
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Join Date: 30 Apr 2003
Location: Massachusetts, USA
Posts: 3,474
For Star-Lover

Mars works in the proactive mode compared to the Moon's reactive mode, so I guess you would call the shots. From a woman's point-of-view, having the Mars side of this synastry connection would be great. Turn him on, turn him off, no need for headache excuses.

That's not to say the Moon can't turn "moody" once in awhile and rebuff Mars, but that just isn't a big thing for Moon.

What amazes me is the various ways that Moon behave depending upon what planet it is linked to. The other planet's really call the shots for Moon. The other point you noted -- Moon and Pluto -- is important. When someone has a natal pattern such as Moon opposite Pluto and then finds a partner in which this same aspect also exists, we find a sort of "pre-conditioning" as to how that person will react -- it is human nature to fall back upon familiar places and tools.

Great comments. Dave
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