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9 of Swords

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9 of Swords

I've often received the 9 of Swords in readings when I'm really worried about something. My father-in-law having to go in for surgery, my waiting to hear if I'd gotten the job, family members worried about relationships, etc.

I got it as one of the cards for my daily reading...and at the time I was about to go testing for a job. There were other cards in the spread that indicated I wouldn't get it [and I didn't ] but what really surprised me was when my youngest sister came home from school suffering from terrible menstral cramps. They won't give you any kind of medication at school, not even asprin.

I've read in 'Tarot Plain and Simple' by Anthony Louis that it could actually mean a woman around you is in pain, but I've never experienced something like that until last week.

I normally don't have a problem in that area... so I was amazed at how much pain she was in. She was crying, screaming and throwing up! Mom ended up giving her 4 Midols! and it took hours for her pain to go away. I really didn't know how to help her except give her a cold, wet washcloth to put on her forehead and the back of her neck.

It still amazes me how Tarot cards cover so many situations in so many aspects of our lives! I just love it when new meanings come to me and broaden my perspective. Now THAT is what Tarot means to me...constant learning. So exciting that after years of working with the cards they can still throw out new surprises for me.
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That's really interesting, I didn't know that it could be so literal. Your poor sis...I never get to the throwing up stage but I had a roommate who did. So miserable.

Thanks for sharing that.
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believer in magic

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I always get the 9 of Swords when I either have a migraine or I'm about to get one...

If you think about it the usual image on this card does show someone sitting up in bed cradling their head in their hands as though in pain somewhere.

One of my main reading decks is The Sheridan Douglas and the image on the 9 of Swords screams 'headache' to me.
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ha! Talking about meeting of minds

I was just replying to a PM, basically regarding the same topic here my thoughts

I think also, that the details are highly important. One card can have so many meanings, I actually think that there are only a few people who know their cards that well to give all info, the card wants to say to the querent. They might give one interpretation, that is teh right one, but there might be another 3-4 meanings based ion either details of the card or combinations, which are also true and relevant - maybe for a different situation, but also relevant to the querent. Basically exactly what you described in your example, chances are there are another 1-2 'storys' the 9/swords want to tell you, I think the cards and meanings are just soooo complex and that makes it so extremely interesting.
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