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Cosmic Tarot - Two of Wands

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Cosmic Tarot - Two of Wands

In a predominately yellow landscape with mountains (the success of past achievements) in the background, we see a very majestic man donned in old clothing (gifts of the past) standing before two wands (threshold). It almost looks as if he is standing where a river or creek once flowed and has consequently dried up. Fir trees are on either side of the mountains except in the middle where possibly the creek or river flowed through. (letting go of old emotions and habits) Water is purified when it seeps deep into the earth’s underground layers.

Birds are seen flying in the background and to the right (future ideas, thoughts). An old tree, perhaps a sturdy oak is also behind him and to his right.

(I thought I’d share something a teacher once told me. He said that fire and water can destroy each other. Instead of being in direct contact, the water should be separated by the fire in some kind of container. In this way he said, the fire exalts (inspires) the water, creating a force which sets things in motion).

And this is a very impressive, calm and self-contained person standing between two wands. He passionately looks forward to something greater….a feeling, a moment of clarity, of Truth to start a new adventure. The future is calling. He looks strong and athletic, ready and able to begin a new journey. The elaborate clothing he wears is from the past. Is his personal past leading him into the present, to recreate something new in the future. I get the sense he’s blocked out what he’s previously done…in order to focus and be aware. His passion is aligned with the Divine.

With the ground firm beneath his feet, and a firm ideal, the arc of light creates an incredible magnetic field, a polarity between matter/spirit inner/outer past/present. He’s focused, alert and in rhythm with his destiny.

On the flipside, what’s stopping him from walking through the gateway… there still something he must do, or is there something in his way…fear…old programming that says it can’t possibly be done. Or maybe his ideals are too high at the moment….maybe he needs to wait and let his intuition guide him. Perhaps he was preoccupied and didn’t see the signs….an oversight. Or the time isn’t right. Wait, let the shadows pass, then, he will see his path more clearly.

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A man is standing between two wands. His posture seems formal: chin up shoulders back, feet in what looks like a ballet position but could easily become the fencer's "en garde" position. He looks proud and territorial.

The wands that he stands between have roots and seem to have grown into the ground. Between them is an arc of light. So the wands seem to mark out space as well. The arc of light between the wands suggests energy and almost electric force.

I think this "territory" could mean many things: your ideas, the way you choose to live your life, your position in an argument. it isn't just being ready to defend this territory from others but needing to be in control of it.

The Thoth title for this card is "Dominion". Astrologically it represents Mars in Aries. Mars rules Aries (in classical astrology) so Mars is strong in this position. It is a very assertive combination (OK, "pushy"). But Mars in Aries will get things done. There is an entrepreneurial spirit to this placement, willing and able to take charge and do what needs to be done to meet the goal.

Note: I'm just starting to learn about astrology so I hope I don't make too many mistakes.

It would be interesting to take out all the cards that correspond to your own astrological chart and look at them.. hmm... "who are you in the Cosmic Tarot?"

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I see a confident, well-dressed man, his posture signifying his readiness to take on whatever might lie ahead. He wears a dagger at his belt, a symbol of his confidence and ability. The two wands in front of him with their joining arc form a threshold through which it appears he is about to step.

The man's clothes seem well-made, and from them I gather that he is not lacking in material possessions. The ground on which he stands, with its flowers, grasses and tree, might be his property. Certainly it is not an arid, barren wasteland. Whatever is on the other side of the wand gateway has at least the potential to be something other than the fruitful land on which he now stands, and yet the man seems poised to walk through. Confident in his ability, he is willing to confront whatever lies ahead, instead of remaining safely in his present comfortable position.
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