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21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card -- Step FIVE

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21 Ways - Step Five

Step Five - International Icon Tarot, 5 of Wands


I hope it is ok with the class, but I would like to come up with my own 2 or 3 keywords to associate with the number 5.

The number 5 is between the numbers 4 and 6. I feel that those numbers have components of stability to them. I consider 5, as an odd number, transitive. It is unstable but only in the sense that it is in the process of becoming something else - something more stable. The 5 comes about by stirring up the status quo of 4, which then starts the foundation of the 6. Given this approach, I would say my keywords would be:

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Card IV Arthur (Emperor) from Arthurian Tarot (Hallowquest)

"I have drawn Arthur (The Emperor), which is numbered IV.
Fours are about stability and order, with the shadow aspect of stagnation."
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Step 5 - Fantastic Menagerie

Step 5 - NUMBER
CARD: The Star
DECK: Fantastic Meangerie
Card can be seen here:

17= 1 + 7 = 8

I've drawn The Star 17, which reduces to 8. Eights are about regeneration, prudence, and spiritual progress.

As in most Magic Realist decks the Major Arcana are not numbered, however I see The Star as card 17 as it is in all decks.
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Grip Dellabonte 

Deck: Waking the Wild Spirit
Card: 5, Spirit Guide/Interpreter

Three words: adaptation, magic, problem-solving.
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Step 5 - The Druidcraft Tarot - The Moon

Ive drawn The Moon (18) which breaks down to a number 9.

The words I picked were lunations, solitude and dreams.
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Step 5 - Universal Fantasy - Knight of Swords

I've drawn the Knight of Swords
Knights are action and journeys.
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Step Five, Herbal Tarot, XXI The World

21 reduces to 3. I've chosen these keywords:


Hmmn, I chose these words because of the way they reflect what I've been learning through the previous steps, but if I just look at the words objectively there is considerably more meaning in them that I hadn't thought about. For example, "dimension." I chose it because of the interplay between dimensions happening with the hoop/mirror thing in my card. But, three is the point at which depth occurs as well, in the sense of first, second, & third dimensions. Interesting. The third dimension is the last that we can perceive easily, in fact the only really natural one for us; the realm of our everyday experience (first & second dimensions being, essentially, abstractions.) It is the place into which a child is born, and the place we exit in the end.
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To my horror I discover, in the latter half of the chapter, that the dimension into which we are born is in fact the fourth dimension . . . the third dimension is a flat plane, the second a line, & the first a point . . . Oh, the shame of it

The joke's on me

Sooo . . . why in the movie theater when you put the weird glasses on and stuff on the screen comes flying out through the air toward you . . . Why oh why is this called "3-D"???
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Step 5- Rider Waite Temperance

Temperance is number 14 so the reduction is 5

For Fives
--Making necessary changes

I picked the most positive keywords for the fives because I don't feel this card is about the unpleasant forced changes but natural or intentional changes. I also like the idea of overthrowing the complacency of the fours, but I think this is more of a concept than a keyword, but it goes to the change being necessary.
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Finally got my book yesterday, I think its been all over the country!! so I will be able to complete step 5 tonight.

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