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21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card -- Step FIVE

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Step 5: Robin Wood, Two of Swords

My card is the Two of Swords.

The twos are about duality, choice and decision.
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maybe I'll stop the lesson here I need to buy the book first sorry guys maybe I will comeback next time yay I wish someone can give me a copy just joking hehehehe. Have fun!
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For bryghtrose

Perhaps you might also want to recognize Justice (11) and Judgment (20) with your two card. Both those major arcana cards numerologically reduce to "2". We can often find some useful insights into our cards when we consider them in this fashion. (Added) And, of course, the Empress. "Two-ness" is part of each of these cards. Dave
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21 steps step 5

My numbers

I ended up considering 7 cards, being the twos. Choice is definitely the pivotal the word for the twos. I wanted however to see each card separately, to see where the weight of choice is in each card.
The high priestess is about choosing inner truth and reflection
Justice is about decisions, choosing the right path
Judgment is about memory and choosing to be renewed
2 of wands is about the ability to make choices
2 cups is about choosing to be joined and relationship
2 swords is about choosing dialog and being impartial
2 pentacles is about adaptability and choosing to be open to new possibilities

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Welcome aboard. I'm one of the new people and I only just finished Step 21.

I really liked how you described the twos. I learned something from your post and I wanted you to know that.
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Princess Judy 
21 Ways - Step Five: Golden Tarot XIX The Sun

The Sun is number 19, and can be brought back to 1.
I haven't received the book yet, so I'll improvise keywords for the time being (just want to play along).

The one is about beginnings, potential, energy
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Princess Judy 
21 Ways - Step Five: Ten of Coins (Golden Tarot)

I've drawn the Ten of Coins.
Tens are about completion, community and fulfillment (hmmm, at least this ten is...).
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Ivy Rhiannon 

Still waiting on my book guys! Does anyone have the keywords for 9's? I picked the moon card, Druidcraft Tarot. LOL I think its funny that someone else with the same deck drew the same card in this thread.

I am loving the excersizes btw! Great study group!

*** Edited to add: I think until I get the book I will proceed using my own intuitive keywords.

9's: A 9 to me is about means uncertainty, reflection, and closure. It is about the end of one cycle to begin another.

Applying to the moon card I can see where uncertainty comes into play because of fear to take the next step or making dreams a reality. Reflection is about looking back at our progress thus far and I think the moon shows us that the hard part was creating the dream, and all we have to do is execute the plan. However, we often get stuck here because there is safety in holding back. As far as closure for the moon I see it as applying it to letting go of ourselves and ego in order to proceed forward. Being present and not letting ourselves be ruled by doubt, maturing.
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STEP 5-Mythic Tarot-Five of Cups

For this card especially the #5 represents loss, despair, and regret.
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Tarot of Prague -- The Hermit

The Tarot of Prague doesn't attach numbers to the Majors, but I am sticking with the usual order, which makes this card a Nine.

Nine's represent solitude and self-awareness.
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