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Thoth Spreads

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Wink Thoth Spreads

Hey everyone. I was wondering if anyone knew some spreads that were exclusively for the Thoth. I was wondering because it seems to me that his deck doesn't work well with the spreads I use. Maybe I'm wrong I don't know. Also does anyone know the technique for doing a one card and three card with the Thoth. I'd greatly appreciate it.

Thanks, Chris
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formerly similia

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My favorite spread with the Thoth is a one card draw. Sometimes I do a couple of one card draw's in a row, as a continuance on the theme/question, (kinda like I have a question for each "position" but I only work with one question and then I see where it leads us, like having a conversation with the deck) but usually just one card.

Like you, I found that the Thoth didn't work so well with the spreads I was used to with my RWS. Banzaf's book on the Thoth has a section on spreads which has a lot of options. The one I picked up from it and now use frequently (with any deck) is a relationship spread.


1) Person A
2) Person B
3) How Person A sees Person B
4) How Person B sees Person A
5) How Person A sees the relationship
6) How Person B sees the relationship
7) The actual relationship

It works well with any situation where you want to look at how two entities inter-relate, not just relationships. Of course this spread works very well when you apply Elemental Dignities
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This is probably just my personal preference, but the shorter the better.

You can get an immense amount of information from just one card. For me, the Thoth has worked best with shorter spreads.

Those really showcased the wicked sense of humor of the deck.

(I don't even want to think about the headache, and eventual waste of time, the Opening Key spread was when I attempted it years ago.)

I use four cards, mainly cos I like the number, and assign positional meanngs as needed.

One Thoth book I know of (likely cos it's one of two tarot books I own), The Tarot Workbook by Angeles Arrien has some interesting spreads in the back. It may be worth checking to see if you can find it somewhere.

But be aware that, should you choose to use the whole of the book, some of the card interpretations are a little weird. At least, I found them that way.

Try experimenting until you find something that works for you.
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Nholdamek  Nholdamek is offline
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I don't have any trouble with spreads for the Thoth. I love to use the Opening of the Key, but that takes a lot of energy so I only use that for very important situations when I want to find out a lot.

Otherwise I have used just one card spreads, which I can still get a good bit out of, as well as three card spreads, sometimes with positional meanings and sometimes without, and other spreads like Umbrae's relationship spread, etc. All have worked great for me.

Three card spreads are nice because I can use elemental dignities with them.
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RedKite  RedKite is offline
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I tend also tend to do one card draws with my thoth, sometimes I'll draw 2 or three cards to clarify the situation and help me understand what the cards are saying!

I find the the most accurate readings (for me) are done this way. I too get serious headache's and end up tying myself totally in knots with larger spreads! But that may well be to do with my skill as a reader
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