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OshoZen Knight of Clouds (Swords)

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OshoZen Knight of Clouds (Swords)

Here we have the Knight of Clouds ~Fighting~...

I have a very bad habit of rerunning old hurts, like some sort of movie, over and over again. Seems so fresh as I do so. As Alan said (I'm paraphrasing), pain will always come, but we have a choice in feeling that sorrow, long after it all happened. Sorry, can't remember the person you quoted Alan.
This figure is "feeling it", alright, by the blanched fists, he is reliving the moment as if it just happened.
I find that sometimes when I do not address hurts as they happen, that an anger will build leading to a blowup on my part. It can be completely misplaced (the anger) and no matter how I try to bury it, it will find a way to express itself. I like what the book says, that the best thing to do is forgive...forgive the other, forgive yourself, and move on. Not easy, but well worth the try. I agree with the book's passage, life IS too short to be preoccupied with a disturbing feeling that eventually permeates, and damages all that is you and your life.
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Judith D 

This knight always looks defensive to me - wanting to attack as the best form of defense, protecting himself by putting on thick armour and the face of anger and strength so no-one will see the mouse inside. He is definitely holding on to old hurts, as shown in the fighting figures in the background, but doesn't know how to move on, forgive, and be vulnerable again. This stance of waiting for the worst stops you from enjoying what is. Such a waste. His armour both protects him from hurt, and prevents him from moving freely, both in mind and body.
He is like a traditional knight - eager, reckless, leaping into the fray. He is a sword, so quick tempered, , passionate to obtain higher knowledge, mentally determined. Our fighting knight here seems more inclined to anger than anything else.
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Alan Ross 

Originally Posted by squeakmo9
I have a very bad habit of rerunning old hurts, like some sort of movie, over and over again. Seems so fresh as I do so.
I have that same bad habit. For some reason, it seems easier for me to remember past hurts than past pleasures. (BTW The quote I mentioned, "Pain is necessary, suffering is optional," is something I remembered reading in a book by Buddhist teacher Sylvia Boorstein.) replaying those old hurts brings back the anger and feeds fantasies of revenge. That's when I feel like the knight pictured on this card.

Obsessing over old hurts can leave us defensive and ready to lash out at any provocation. And I agree with what Judith D. says, "This stance of waiting for the worst stops you from enjoying what is." Worse, a negative, combative frame of mind will often attract the very negativity you're trying to avoid. I would rather take my chances with a mindset of peace and harmony.
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It's all maya. It's all a construct of our minds. It will all be gone in an instant. And then what will we have been fighting for?
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