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21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card – Step ELEVEN

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As a side note, a card can also have a neutral meaning. For example,

"Bad"-Painful transformation, disappointment, fear

"Neutral" -Finality, Completion, Definite, Guaranteed

"Good"- new possibilities, enlightenment

I've found that by listing this neutral quality for all 78 cards has also expanded my understanding of them! Sometimes things just are, they aren't good or bad, they just...are.
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Step 11

Nine of pentacles:
Wealth - Responsibility
Contentment – Lonely
Settled – Bored

Page of Swords:
Student – Inattentive
Child – Vulnerable
Carefree- Undisciplined

The Chariot:
Driver- Standstill
Control - Disorder
Decisive – Indecisive

11-2-1 The Emperor

Extreme Right (beneficial) - ordered life, responsible, mentor, non-intrusive parent, fair, just, generous, non-judgmental

Extreme Left (liability) – controlling, authoritarian, demanding, unfeeling, egotistical, judgmental, intrusive parent

11-2-2 I’m at the intrusive parent

11-2-3 I want to be a non-intrusive parent.

What will move me to my preferred position?
Creating a more interesting life for my self and as I do that I intrude less into my children’s lives.

What aspects of the card should I align with: The benevolent caring father.

What part of the image will help?
I think the stream behind the throne because it offers relief from the starkness of the desert and mountains.

I would like to think that coming down from my throne of control and judgment to become more giving, will satisfy my thirst for more intimate interactions.

Wow, I thought this book was about reading cards. I’m learning more about myself and my shadows.

I started this book a while back but I didn’t complete it. It makes sense to as part of a study group, because you can’t run away from the challenging parts.
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Greer (2006) 21 Ways - Step 11

7/The Chariot

11.1.1 – Nine of Pentacles:
• Bountiful vs. Excessive
• Storing Treasures vs. Being a Hoarder
• Overflowing with Goods vs. Stingy towards those in Need
• Ordered/Disciplined vs. Obsessive to the Point of Dysfunction (i.e., Obsessive Compulsive)
• Good Manager/Detailed-Orientated vs. Failure to see the Big Picture

11.1.2 – Page of Swords:
• Light/Free-Spirited vs. Commitment Phobic
• Bringing Good News vs. Bringing ill-Tidings
• Paying Your dues for Advancement vs. Making Unnecessary Sacrifices
• A Good Messenger vs. A Silver Medalist in the BS Speaking Contest (1/The Magician took the Gold).
• A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed vs. An Apt Pupil of Judas Iscariot

11.1.3 – 7/The Chariot:
• Control of Emotions vs. Getting [Emotionally] Carried Away
• Mastery of the Self vs. Stilted/Over-Controlling of the Self
• Victory for Community vs. Winning at Any Cost
• Triumph for the Tribe vs. Winning in a Way so Others must Lose
• Accomplishment vs. Failure

11.2.1 – Modification of the Ranging Technique:

I use glass beads instead of the arm “gas tank” method. I have five different sets of glass beads based on color: a bag of red (fire/Wands), a bag of murky-white/clear (water/Cups); a bag of blue (air/Swords), a bag of green (earth/Pentacles), and a bag of purple (spirit/Trumps). I lay out five glass beads equal space apart along an imaginary line, about 12”/1 foot in length, with equal space between each. I then name the very worst definitions for the far left bead, the worst ones for the second, neutral for the third, beneficial for the fourth, and ideal for the fifth (a Likert scale).

11.2.2 – Modification of the Ranging Technique:
I then place the card underneath the line and slide it along and have it rest under each bead and on intuition and/or context decide which one feels like the best fit. They were as follows:

• Very Worst/First: Out-of-Control; Making a Wreck of Things.
• Worst/Second: Squandering Resources; Lacking Self-Control.
• Neutral/Third: Have Basic Control & Discipline in Life; Making Good Use of Resources.
• Beneficial/Fourth: Accomplishments in Life; Good Control & Discipline in Life; Resources Well Distributed.
• Ideal/Fifth: An Example/Role-Model to Others in Accomplishments and being “Put Together.”

At this point, I wanted to put 7/The Chariot under the neutral/3rd point, but intuitively it felt like almost at the beneficial/fourth instead. Maybe I am selling myself short and taking these levels too literally!

11.2.3 – Modification of the Ranging Technique:
I would like to get the card solidly on to the fourth glass bead position of “Accomplishments in Life; Good Control & Discipline in Life; Resources Well Distributed.” In order to do that, I will need to re-examine my use of time wasters and crunch down a little more on what I do during the week to get more accomplished.
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21 ways-step11

11:1 nine of pentacles

page of swords
bringing/taking away
good news/badnews

the chariot
control/lack of control

king of wands Golden tarot

respect/up yours
here and now/away and done with

wondering why I linger in the past

I'd like to befree of the past memories but that is unrealistic. I need to gain some contol. I may need to become more like my father. What the hell does that mean? I'm not sure where my arm would be.I feel really lost.
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21 ways: Step 11 (Queen of Pentacles-RWS)

Nine of Pentacles:
Freedom – Restrained
Abundance with free will – Abundance but restrainment
As the sun rises (beginning of good times) – As the sun sets (end of good times)
Enjoying pleasures – Leaving it all behind
Tamed forcibly – Self-control
Overflowing – Contained

Page of Swords:
Messenger – Spy
Defensive – Attacking
Stand one’s ground – Prepare to flee
Storm is approaching – The storm is over
Alert – Hyper-vigilante
Cocky – Half-hearted
Clouded thoughts – Firm

The Chariot:
Water – Land
To embark – To return
Male – Female
In control – Going different ways
Well armored – Vulnerable
Progress – Stagnation
Elements of the day – Elements of the night
Moodiness – Good spirits

For Queen of pentacles (RWS):

Assigning the range of maximum liabilities and benefits for the extreme left and right:

Maximum pros for Queen of Pentacles: Thinking with a specific objective in mind (right hand extreme)
Maximum cons for Queen of Pentacles: A muddled thought process with non-surety about what next (left hand extreme)

Regarding the benefit meter as to where I feel right now, well I just observed that over the last three to four months my position has gradually changed. First I was say almost 75 degrees from the left hand extreme (minima). Today I would say I have gotten a definite direction to my thought process with regards to my objective. Maybe I am today just 5-10 degrees away from the extreme right(maxima)

Talking about how I would define the position where I am currently. Well over the last few months I think with the events happening, my thought process is growing more stronger and firmer towards the final objective. What at one time was aimless thinking is today “definitive thinking”. How would I spell it in a short sentence – approaching the goal with definitive work plan.


1. Move your arm until you get to the place you’d like to be. What meaning fits this place on the spectrum of possibilities?

As I said earlier I am just 5-10 degrees away from the maxima range, as opposed to what I was earlier. Time did this to me. And I am sure with passage of time and unfolding of events it will reach the maxima too.

2. What could move you from the current meaning to your preferred one ?

I don’t think there is anything specific that would make me move towards the maxima. With time I think I am travelling towards it (by default). Time is the best teacher, ain’t it??

3. What aspect(s) of the card do you need to align yourself with?

Rather than causing mental anguish to self by just thinking and contemplating, actually setting a goal and working towards it is always better. Have realized it not just as time passed, but also as certain events unfolded.

4. Is there an image in the card that could help?

Without doubt, I have always felt the Queen of Pentacles symbolized me throughout this study.

5. How can you use that?

The past few months have been trying for me. Its just that with passage of time, I felt the thought process of the Queen (and me, therefore) getting stronger towards the positive side
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step 11 - 21 ways - crow's magick

this was a fantastic exercise - i learned so much from it! it really made me aware of all the nuances of the cards.

9 coins

benefits: rich, lush, abundant, powerful, family
liabilities: menacing, impenetrable, stand-offish, arrogant, closed-minded, exclusive

continua (1-7, first word is 1)
rich – too much --- 2 (abundantly rich)
lush – cloying --- 3 (lush to the point of dripping)
abundant – overwhelming --- 2 (abundant but not yet heavy)
power with – power over --- 7 (power over)
happy family – oppressive family --- 5 (a family that often shows oppressive tendencies)
menacing – assertive --- 4 (assertive, sometimes to the point of menacing)
impenetrable – protective --- 3 (impenetrable, with the unstated goal of protection)
stand-offish – confident --- 3 (stand-offish but not painfully so)
arrogant – bold --- 6 (bold, with a dose of arrogance)
closed-minded – certain --- 5 (certain; sometimes closed-minded)
exclusive – excellent --- 3 (exclusive and excellent)

page of swords

benefits: curious, light, peers, goal-oriented
liabilities: blind, cold, unthinking

continua (1-7, first word is 1)
curious – nosy --- 4 (curious, with a nervous, nosy energy)
light – flimsy --- 6 (flimsy but not to the point of breaking)
peers – closed off --- 1 (peers)
goal-oriented – single-minded --- 7 (single-minded)
blind – trusting --- 3 (blind and knowing at some level that there is a guiding force)
cold – cool --- 3 (cold but not hard and icy)
unthinking – not overanalyzing --- 3 (no need to think right now)


benefits: brave, dynamic, a saviour, strong, young, fiery, ready
liabilities: macho, doesn’t accept help, young, fiery

continua (1-7, first word is 1)
brave – foolhardy --- 3 (brave with a bit of bravado)
dynamic – manic --- neither nor; physically awake, with just a bit of dreaminess
a saviour – saviour complex --- 2 (a saviour who doesn’t mind a bit of the accolades that come from saving others)
strong – overpowering --- 1 (strong)
young – inexperienced --- 2 (young, has seen quite a bit of the world but not all of it)
fiery – hothead --- 4 (fiery, but also somewhat of a hothead)
ready – jumpy ---1 (ready)
macho – manly --- 6 (manly, with a small dose of macho)
doesn’t accept help – self reliant --- 6 (self reliant; has the odd moment where he finds it difficult to accept help)
young – fresh --- 1 (young)
fiery – fired up --- 7 (fired up)
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Step Eleven~The Empress~Tarot of Vampyres

Step 11-1:
Nine of Skulls (Pentacles):A woman is dancing in ecstasy under a full moon. She is holding a purple rose that is bleeding. There is a gravestone behind her.

pleasure vs. pain
beauty vs. gaudiness
rising above the mundane vs. refusing to accept reality
using imagination vs. daydreaming
bird's eye view vs. no longer grounded
inspired vs. confused
self-sufficiency vs. self-satisfaction
engagement vs. withdrawal

Daughter of Knives (Page of Swords): A young woman sits out in the garden with a bloody knife in her hand. Under her bench is something that looks like a wedding gown to me and a wedding bouquet covered in blood. The woman looks calm but also perhaps a bit startled.

adventurous vs. aimlessness
charming vs. manipulative
style vs. practicality
nature vs. artificiality
waiting vs. reluctance
ready for what's next vs. unwilling to act
conscious action vs. subconscious action
planning vs. achieving
alert vs. defensive

Chariot: The Charioteer is masked and aiming an arrow with focused intention. The animal drawing the chariot is roaring and leaping forward. It looks scary. It is a mixture of all the four animals of the suits (panther, raven, wolf and snake)

assertive vs. aggressive
control vs. limits
mastery vs. practice
chaotic vs. clearheaded
confidence vs. arrogance
appropriate risk vs. reckless
commanding vs. control freak
victory vs. show off
control vs. bully
strength of will vs. one track mind
in control vs. controlling

Step 11-2; Acting as a meter to indicate how we feel about our chosen card. My chosen card is the Vampyres Empress; She is standing below an apple tree and a bee is buzzing in the apples. She looks quiet and a little sad.

Here are some of the extremes that could fit this Empress of Vampyres.
The Empress:
grounded vs. depressed
patience vs. immobility
progressive vs. stagnant
patient vs. apathy
peace vs. apathy
creativity vs. uninspired
self sufficient vs. retreating into a shell
calm vs. troubled
communicating vs. silence

11-2; first task: describe the two extreme readings on the meter.
I chose grounded vs. depressed. Depression, apathy and retreating into a shell for the negative end of the scale. Groundedness, peace and self-sufficiency for the positive end of the scale.

11-2; second task: move your arm (the meter needle-indicator) between the two extremes of your emotions-meter and find where you "feel" you are right now. I am more to the positive end of the scale. (Maybe something like two thirds of the way?) I like to retreat into a shell and I recognize the depressive vibes within but I am at peace with it. I generally feel well grounded and self-sufficient.

11-2; third task: find the place on the meter where you would like to be. I´d like to see the needle even more to the right. But probably not all the way. I think I will always need to be able to retreat and I would not like to become too self-sufficient either.
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geesh, hemera, reading your reply right now i realize that i did my exercise not quite in the right way. i measured how i felt about the card, not how i felt about myself right now. thanks for setting me right! maybe i'll redo that exercise.
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Oh, are you sure that I did it right. Because I´m not!
You know, I read through all the answers and I think there were many different ways to answer. I was pondering this actually but then I decided I´ll just go right ahead and do this my way -because if I stop and let myself get too uncertain I may stop doing this altogether. And I won´t have that
Anyway, thanks for reading what I wrote and thanks for your comments in all the threads. I find them helpful and I really like it that these get read. (I also read people´s posts of course but you know what I mean!)
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it's so nice to know we are doing this together. when i first started i felt a little weird, seeing that the last posts were 2, 3 years ago ...
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