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Rituals/procedure for agnostics/non-denominal folks?

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Question Rituals/procedure for agnostics/non-denominal folks?

I was wondering what people who havent chosen a spirituality or forged their own, completely unique path do to get in the right kind of mood for a good reading?

Meditation, intregrating it into a habitual ritual?

Just asking, guess it sounds weird asking, but just because some one doesnt know what to make of the spiritual world doesnt mean they cant accept it's there! ; )
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Hey sleeping cat,
Welcome to AT! I don't make a big deal out of the whole "ritual for reading" thing. I was raised Catholic, but I don't identify myself as one; I don't agree with organized religion, at all...I have faith, and tons of spirituality, so I guess I have sort of forged my own path. But that's another story. Just wanted to tell you where I'm coming from.

Basically, when I feel like doing a reading, I sit down with my cards, quiet my mind/mediate for a bit, then ask my guides and higher self to protect me and help me interpret the cards, while keeping in mind that I serve the querent with love. Once I feel like I have established a "connection," I envision a white/golden light coming from spirit, the energy of the "connection," as I see it, and then I take that light into my third eye and course it down my arms into the cards until I feel the energy charging the cards. And then I know it's time to shuffle. Sounds weird, I know. But it seems to work for me...I just took bits and pieces of things I've heard and some of my own ideas to make up something that works. So have fun experimenting!
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zach bender 

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I would describe myself as agnostic
I do engage in self-created rituals before reading
in order to quiet the mind
these usually involve a few hands of
"calculation" solitaire with a deck of playing cards

unlike red11, I do not engage my awareness
in trying to identify any particular moment
when the reading is to begin

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When I have time I meditate prior to reading. Meditating is always good for bringing clarity to the mind. I really don't bring much spiritual practice to my tarot reading. For me the reading is a spiritual practice. Just different, I guess. Candles or incense do set a nice mood. I think it all has to do with your awareness and intention. Three calming breaths is generally all I do prior to reading.

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I don't have a set ritual. Will burn the odd incense, but it's not the rule. If it's a very spiritually-oriented reading, or if I feel really unbalanced and off centre, I will consciously clear my mind as much as I can and do a bit of grounding. But generally three slow long breaths (sometimes even one) is all I do too!
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I pick up the cards, shuffle and ask a question. Then layout the cards.

Maybe I shuffle and take a few deep breaths if I'm stressed.
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I have my own little alchemical ritual that I do before pulling cards that involves a little meditation and some hand gestures, and a wand and trident when possible. It's good to do a little ritual to clear the air beforehand. A great little ritual to start with would be the lesser ritual of the pentagram, a quick little banishing ritual that you can easily do in your head without actually going through the motions if you don't want to.
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I like to putt on really relaxing music and I do what red does with the imagining of white light. For some reason this to me helps me put purity and clarity to my mind. When i get muddled readings i feel like this helps me with that.
Sometimes I meditate.
I get cards that are very down to the point most of the time once Ive done this.
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shuffling the cards and concentrating
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I take a few centering breaths before I pick up the deck. If I'm reading for someone else I ask them to do the same then I talk the client through this process, if I'm reading for myself I do the same process.

Shuffle or mix the cards, release expectations and hold your question lightly in your mind. Once you feel the cards are mixed sufficiently place your hands over the deck. (If I'm reading for someone else I would place my hands on top of theirs at this point.) Holding the question lightly in your mind imagine the cards are moving of their own accord to get into the perfect orientation to bring your your answer (here I remove my hands) once you feel this has happened cut the deck into 3 stacks. Pick the stack that holds your answer.

And the reading begins.

There's no spirituality involved but it connects me (and the client) with the cards in deep way.
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