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21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card -- step FIFTEEN

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21 ways - step 15 - crow's magick page of cups

step 15

the ring/circle

hello there! i was wondering, are you a ring or a circle?
im a circle.

how do you know?
a ring is a special kind of circle. i am all circles.

what do you do?
here, i am a doorway, from the safe and familiar to the adventures outside.

do you move?
yes, of course. otherwise they could just build a permanent door here. no, the idea of having me here is to have something that can move.

what makes you move?
where the one who moves through wants or needs to go. where there is a passageway inside and out. where intuition moves me.

you are very thin. cant the movers just go from here to there beside, above or below you?
of course they can. but if they want or need a doorway, that is what i can provide here.


the three dots

good afternoon, i was wondering if we could chat for a moment?
of course!

im not quite sure what you are doing in this card. can you explain?
im not sure if i can. is there anything specific you would like to know?

are you at all related to the sign for radioactive energy?
hm, not really. they arent really dots, are they? they are arranged in a similar way, maybe thats what you mean. i wonder why you thought it was the same?

maybe there is something about you that seems radioactive to me.
i am a part of the universe and as such i am radioactive. i dont know if i am more or less radioactive than you. im sorry i cant help you there.

you are very friendly.
its lonely up here and nice to have company.

what about the cup, is the cup not company?
for some reason there isnt much going on between me and the cup. its a little well, to be honest, a little stand-offish.

and yet you are very close physically. there is less than half an inch of separation between the two. of you.
i know. i think it would be nice to visit the cup inside once in a while but that hasnt happened yet.

have you asked?
hm. no.

could you do that?
you know, maybe i will.


this is the first lesson that i didnt really enjoy. as dave suggested in step 14, i waited a little bit, but i dont seem to want to budge. there is quite a bit more i could do with this step but i think ill go on now. but before i do this, i want to take into account his questions:

** what card(s) seem to be associated with the blockage? (in this case, what aspect of the card?) -- partly it is because there is so much on this card, it feels overwhelming. also, the next element i was going to look at would have been the symbol/sigil that looks like a one-eyed stick person.
** what don't we like, what do we like about the aspects of this card? -- its not so much that i dont like all these different elements but i guess the only thing i really want to focus on is the lizard. i dont want to look at all this other stuff.
** how does our frustration feel to us? -- overwhelming and irritating and messy
** can you associate this frustration or blockage with a life experience? doing my taxes, when all the calculating and paper shuffling just goes on and on and on and doesnt seem to end.
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Step Fifteen~Vampyres Tarot~The Empress

Dialogue with the Empress:
-What are you waiting for?
E: Maybe you were the one I was waiting for?
-Oh..That is a scary thought. You are a Vampyre after all.
E: (laughs) Yes, thats true. But I have just eaten and so I am not hungry. I think you are safe today.
-Can I ask a few more questions? I think you are listening to something? What is it that you hear?
E: Many things. I just heard my wolves howl in distance and call me. But I have to go to a Masquerade ball with the Emperor tonight so I will not be able to join them.
-Is there anything youd like to tell me or to teach me?
E: You have already seen what a deep deck this one is. Use it as a mirror of your soul. There are 77 other cards besides me and I suggest you make plans to study us all in depth. Maybe not through all these 21 steps -Im the only one worth that much trouble- but still..You should think about it.

Dialogue with the Bee:
-What are you doing?
B: I came to taste the apple but its still too raw for me so now Im just sitting here and thinking.
-What are you thinking about?
B: About whether I should stay in the sun here or just fly home.
-Oh, I see.. Should I be afraid of you? Do you sting?
B. No, not really. Just stay where you are and we are fine.
-Do you know the Empress?
B: Yes I do. She likes honey and so we often give some to her.
-Oh, I thought she only eats blood?
B: Well, I guess she mainly does. I wouldnt know about that, though. I just know she accepts our gift of honey with pleasure.
-Anything youd like me to know?
B: Hmm, I suggest you try to eat less sugar, dear. It is not good for you. Honey is really meant for bee larvae and maybe a little bit for the Empress but not really so much for you. (Flies away.)

Dialogue with the Emerald heart:
-You are so beautiful! I just cant take my eyes off you.
E: Hmm, yes, I know. I have heard that so many time before..Yawn..
-Are you very old?
E: Yes, I think so. Im forgetting about age, though, since it matters very little to me.
-Do you belong to the Empress?
E: Oh no. I rather like to think she belongs to me and she takes me places. Its fun except when I get all that blood dripping on me. I get all sticky and I dont like that. Besides the color of blood suits rubies better, I think. It will just turn grey on me.
-Is there anything youd like to teach me?
E: Im a crystal of Spring and Love, but also of Prophesy. You used to pull daily tarot cards and make notes of them and I suggest you re-start that practice. How about starting tomorrow?
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21 Ways - Steampunk

Step FIFTEEN - Steampunk (Moore) - 5 of Wands

D = Deanne (me)
M = Moustached man
A = Aviator
L = Man in left corner
C = Man wearing cravat
W = Woman

Dialogue with M:
D - What is happening here?
M - We're righting a wrong.
D - What wrong is that?
M - This person (A) has ruined my life, destroyed my reputation with lies.
D - Why do you think he would do that?
M - He's ruthless. He wants to be on top, to be better than everyone. He lied to bring me down below his level.
D - Do you think striking him will help?
M - It will help me feel better.
D - But will it help you regain your reputation?
M - ...No.
D - Do you still want to strike him?
M - Yes. But I shouldn't.
D - What action should you take instead?
M - Perhaps I should talk to him, and those who believe him.
D - What might come of that?
M - He might understand me better. And I might understand him. And we may be able to fix this.
D - I wish you well in that. Good luck.

Dialogue with A:
D - What is happening here?
A - I'm being attacked!
D - Do you know why?
A - No...yes, I think. But I don't understand.
D - What don't you understand?
A - They think I did something wrong. But I didn't. I just did what I needed to do.
D - And what was it you needed to do?
A - I needed to clear the air. To let go of my burdens. I needed to stop bottling things inside and actually express them so that I could move on.
D - What effect did this have?
A - I felt better. Felt free. At least, I did until these people arrived.
D - Why did they come after you?
A - To break me. To take away the freedom I gained.
D - What would they gain from that?
A - They'd get the status quo back.
D - Do you want the status quo back?
A - No. I want freedom.
D - Have you told them that?
A - No, why bother? They won't listen.
D - Maybe you should try telling them. You won't know if they'll listen without trying.
A - Okay, here goes nothing...

Group dialogue with L, C, and W:
D - What is happening here?
L - A friend's in trouble. We're here to help.
D - What kind of trouble?
C - His reputation's been shattered.
L - He's going to fix it.
D - And you're going to help with that?
C - Yeah, we'll get him his revenge.
D - How about you (to W)? You're being awfully quiet.
W - I'm just here to keep an eye on these fools. Make sure no one gets hurt too badly.
D - You don't think this is a good idea?
W - Of course not. These boys are reckless. They jump in without thinking.
L/C - Hey!
W - It's true (shrugs)
D - What haven't they thought through?
W - What will happen to our friend after this fight. What will happen to us.
D - What do you think will happen?
W - Confusion. The liar will be dealt with, but things won't be back to normal.
D - Why won't they be normal?
W - Because this fight, if it happens, will change us.
L - Change us how?
W - We'll be exactly the bad guys A thinks we are.
L/C - Oh...
D - So, what are you going to do?
C - Whatever M wants. We're here to help him.
D - Do you think this would still be what he'd want if he heard what W had to say?
L - I'm not sure...
C - Should we ask him?
W - (sighs) idiots...
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