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Renaissance Tarot (Jones / Lyle) - The Lovers VI

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Originally Posted by Sulis
You can't have a sun without a moon, you can't have light without darkness.
I love the yin-yang aspect of this card. It shows how these lovers complete each other and that's exactly how I feel about my husband. We compliment each other but we also complete each other.
I think that this card has a lovely message.

I don't really get the 'choice' aspect of this card as much.
i was just thinking .......compromise, middle-ground, reaching an accord
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I think that I am actually searching for the 'choice' element in this card, as that is how I often see it, the closest I get to it is responsibility.

At the same time I can see what you are saying, the union of opposites in this card is undeniable. "You complete me!", the classic quote from the film "Jerry Maguire", that touched a chord with so many people all over the world, and for a very good reason. And, yes, it is so overly cliched and trite now, but in 1997, swoon much!

Despite all the philosophies that tell us we "should" (I hate that word, it's a judgement word! Shoot me if I use it ) be happy alone, I can only think that they don't know what it is to truly BE with another. Ain't nothing in the world like it, or else why would make ourselves so crazy searching for it?
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The problem I have is the overlap with two other cards: Chariot (about opposites, opposing tendencies) and Temperance (unification and merging of elements to create something new).

I like lovers to be about love, which I do see in this card, and also about choice, which I guess I don't.....just seems to muddy the waters a bit, I suppose.

(I know, I'm complaining about this wonderful deck....I'll stop now!)
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See I see The Chariot as getting opposing things (like say, your opposing emotions) under control so that you can move forward, overcome obstacles and turn them to your advantage.
I see Temperance as blending different things to come up with something new - alchemical
Temperance is also blending things together till you get the result you want - a trial and error approach.
This is about finding your opposite, your other half or the thing that completes you, so it is about love.
I don't get the choice bit in this card either and I'd like to see it, as I think it's a very big part of most Lovers' cards. I guess you just read it as you see it so maybe I shouldn't be looking for the choice interpretation in this one as it's not there...
Or is it and I'm not seeing it?
Does anyone see choice here?

I love this study group too Papageno
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Whilst researching something else, I came upon the following story from Greek myth, that reminded me of this card and my previous point about individual responsibility. The Renaissance itself saw the revival of classical Greek and Roman texts so I don't think that this is too much of a stretch to refer this card to a Greek myth.

I came across a myth related to Artemis, Apollo and Orion. Artemis and Apollo are twins, they are both archers in one way or another. Artemis became associated with the Moon and her twin brother Apollo with the Sun. So perhaps one way of looking at this card, could be as Artemis and Apollo.

In some stories Artemis fell in love with Orion, a hunting companion and forgot her duty to illuminate the sky. Hence, her individual responsibility. The story varies on how exactly Orion was killed, but it does say that Apollo was unhappy about the union between Artemis and Orion. One version states that Apollo saw Orion swimming in the sea and dared his sister that she could not hit a small speck (that was Orion) in the sea. Not being one to back down from the challenge to her archery skills she shot an arrow and killed Orion. When she found out what she had done she put his body among the stars and he is now the constellation, Orion.

It might be just me but I found this story fascinating in terms of this card. It also interested me to learn that until the Renaissance, Artemis was not depicted in art with the moon. Another fact that interested me is that Orion, the constellation, borders the sign of Gemini, which is the astrological attribution for this card.

Anyway, I thought I'd share something that I found interesting.
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Little Baron 

Not much to add to this great thread and deceptively loaded card.

But I do see them as individuals and I think that should it come into a reading, I would question whether the two people were practicing their independance enough. Or maybe they were too independant to be in this relationship.

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My mother has always firmly believed that the best couples are more different than same. Perhaps it's about each individual bringing balance into a relationship. (Again, not much about the choice aspect, but I REALLY like this card)
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In the early decks I believe this card is called 'Love' - not 'The Lovers'. So taking that as a basis for trump V1, I think this image depicts attraction-repulsion & like-dislike. In it's positive mode = attraction/love/affection. In it's negative mode = repulsion/dislike/disinterest.

The cupid hasn't loosed his arrow, he's just taking aim.... so maybe this means that 'love is in the air', and adjoining cards might clarify its' depth or shallowness. I think 'choice' is inherent in the card - we are free to love or not love, it's a personal thing.

I like this card.

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