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Mercury Retro Almost Over!

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I went to the bank to get some change counted, and their coin machine was broken, thus drawing out the process of counting the change to a much longer process than intended. talk about the unexpected.
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Originally Posted by sharpchick
It'll still be in its storm till the 18th though.

I'm not looking for things to simmer down till then.
It's supposed to ease up by the 12th, at the latest, so I'm sticking to that. I've had it with this planet.

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I'm counting down the days with you!!!

What I want to know is WHY this particular one was so bad??

Usually I have a great time during mercury retrograde, reconnct with old friends, finish up old abandoned projects..this one was just a major mess up as far as plans and communication!!!!!
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Figures! Our AC just crapped out...
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My children have been literally bouncing off the wall. Alternately, laughing and screaming with joy and glee and then screaming and crying in anguish for no reasons. I'm so ready for this mess to be over with.
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calligirl  calligirl is offline
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This has been the worst Merc Retro in awhile for me. June 15th, the local drivers license bureau computers went out which I thought was hilarious...but two days later, we had to take our computer in. Diagnosis: Three weeks. I muttered duh under my breath when they said that.

The really bad part was that I woke up the day after with a pinched shoulder that kept me incapacitated on the couch, crying in pain. I couldn't walk, I couldn't lie down. I can't remember being in such pain without it being a kidney stone! I got some relief from a chirapractor who told me it would take about three weeks to get better...another duh!

My computer's back and I'm only feeling minimal pain so things are falling back into place but it's been a nightmare three weeks for my whole family's routine. My poor kids have had a miserable June!
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There are some positive attributes to Mercury Retrograde that I have noticed. It is a great time to do almost anything that starts with the prefix RE, and/or the past.
I like to use the time for those activities, and it seems to really benefit my experience of the Retrograde.
This time I delved into:
Repairing the car
Resolving library dues,unpaid debts
Reuniting with old friends
Retrieving "lost" information
Not that I don't notice the wonky stuff-I most certainly do!
I have just noticed that if I work with the wonky energy there are interesting gifts and lessons that I otherwise might have missed.
Like getting "lost" but discovering a beautiful new place.
Running late for work, you run into an old schoolmate you haven't seen for years.
Call me loony, but I rather look forward to Mercury Retrograde taking the reins and showing us some wabi-sabi style stuff!
You have to admit, it is never dull......
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Aside from my computer mess up (BIG mess up), phone problems, some communication mishaps with others, and the usual randomness that goes with Merc Retro, this one wasn't horrendous for me. I've been talking to my mom more, able to control my of-late crazy feelings...and I've felt okay spending more time more time alone, which hasn't been the case for a long time. I wonder that has to do with Merc Retro being in Cancer--the sign of homebodies.

We're almost there, gang! According to some sites, we're just out of the Merc Retro, so yippee! Here's what my personalized weekly horoscope from a very reputable site says for me: Mercury turns direct in your love and creativity zone on Tuesday (July 10) and if you work for yourself, you are going to find the going a lot easier with fewer delays to complicate matters.

So, see? We're almost THERE peeps!

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Embla  Embla is offline
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I canīt wait.
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Heavensent  Heavensent is offline
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I am SO counting down the hours!!!
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