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zayats's Avatar
Join Date: 14 Jul 2006
Location: Europe
Posts: 6,388
7 of wands as feelings

I got this card in a relationship reading in the "feelings" position. Could it mean that person A is determined and striving to get person B or maybe that they're jealous and uncertain about their position, or, maybe that they're unwilling to give up their freedom and start a relationship? What is your take on it?
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Old 22-09-2007     Top   #1
Join Date: 28 Mar 2005
Location: Smack In The Middle, USA
Posts: 1,389

Really, it could be any of those things, depending upon the context. Let's say it's sitting next to a 6 of Swords... It would suggest (probably and hypothetically) that the person wants to hold their ground and move cautiously to a more peaceful resolution in whatever problem there is... If surrounded by Cups, I'd guess a defensiveness of some sort -- emotionally defensive, trying to hold the high ground in the dispute...

So it depends... Perhaps the important question to ask is, if you take a really deep breath, empty your mind and just look at the image, what comes to your mind? Don't doubt the answer....

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Old 22-09-2007     Top   #2
willowfox's Avatar
Join Date: 02 Mar 2007
Location: Standing on the edge of time
Posts: 32,754

It's very difficult to say without knowing the question and some added depth, just putting up a single card like you have for feelings could mean quite a few things here.
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Old 23-09-2007     Top   #3
The Thirteenth Moon
Thirteen's Avatar
Join Date: 17 Sep 2001
Location: Pluto
Posts: 8,609
Backed into a Corner!

Originally Posted by zayats
I got this card in a relationship reading in the "feelings" position.
Agree with Willowfox that we don't have enough info. I mean, does Person B WANT person A? Or is Person B wanting to break up with Person A? What is the relationship like currently? Does it even exist?

All that can be said is this, whatever Person A's point of view, they're determined and stubborn about it, and absolutely sure they are right. So if Person B is swooning over Person A, but Person A isn't interested in them, then this card pretty much says that no matter how many of his friends say "Person A, you should be with Person B! She loves you and is perfect for you!" Person A is going to go in the opposite direction. "NO way!" he will say, and nothing is going to change his mind.

I would guess, as well, that he feels *VERY MUCH* backed into a corner. So my advice to Person B would be to ease off!. The more they push and get in Person A's face, the more resistant and resentful he will become.
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crazy raven 
crazy raven's Avatar
Join Date: 27 Aug 2005
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Posts: 230

Originally Posted by zayats
maybe that they're unwilling to give up their freedom and start a relationship? What is your take on it?
I do have to agree with Julien although this statement above does seem to correlate with the 7 of wands very well. This card can show us a person who will not tolerate being restricted or bound by anyone. They certainly look like they have a very strong (pushy) that is always centered on seeking to improve their life.

Feelings? This magnetic person is so intense, so absorbed in the different energies confronting them, they have no time for feelings. At least not at the moment.
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Old 23-09-2007     Top   #5
The crowned one 
The crowned one's Avatar
Join Date: 12 Mar 2007
Location: Canada.
Posts: 18,446

Without any background I would say they do not know what they want or perhaps they are thinking too many personas being presented and therefore too good to be true. A pipe dream, they do not see them as they really are and in the back of thier mind they knows this, the goods are being miss-represented so to speak.

Full cup, steady hand.

Tarot was a lot of work in my day.

It's not intuition, Its anoetic life expereinces.
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zayats's Avatar
Join Date: 14 Jul 2006
Location: Europe
Posts: 6,388

Thanks for your insight

I didn't present the context as that would be asking for interpretation of nearly a whole spread and should go to another forum, I think. I just wanted some opinions on meanings of that particular card in that particular position to see how they work for me. It is me that the card was about. The reading was about me and a friend - we are not a couple but we do like each other, we are both free and I get the impression we sometimes look at each other as potential partners. On the whole I think it's not the right time for me to start something serious with him - that's probably part of what the card was about. I am simply trying to figure out what my feelings really are.
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zayats's Avatar
Join Date: 14 Jul 2006
Location: Europe
Posts: 6,388
the reading - context

I posted the reading here:
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Karmacharm's Avatar
Join Date: 12 Jul 2012
Location: California, United States of America
Posts: 372
Question Reviving this thread!

What if the 7 of wands comes up as feelings but the two aren't really in contact right now. I can't really see it as this person feeling defensive if no one is pushing them. This person has been given massive amounts of space.

So in that sort of situation it could most definitely be that they are trying to muster up the courage to talk to this person? Have a serious conversation with them? Try to "get" them as you have said?

WANDERLUST. I've got the itch.
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Old 24-11-2013     Top   #9
Join Date: 21 Oct 2013
Location: South Dakota, USA
Posts: 1,958

Well, Karmacharm, I read your question and it brought to mind a description I read of the rider waite card once.

The person in the card with his wand is at a higher elevation and perspective than the others. In fact you can't see them, only the wands. So one version is that the person has a better perspective.

So if you're asking about a person that's not being pushed by anyone, these could be thoughts that challenge him, memories that pop up and make him combative but regarding a situation where he's got perspective.

So if the question was from a person that wanted to contact the person whose feelings these are, I would say that the person does have a different perspective now, so that could be positive. In the negative, it could mean he's thought of a million comebacks since the original conflict, or he feels above someone.
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