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Hierophant reversed in a relationship reading

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Hierophant reversed in a relationship reading

I got the Hierophant reversed as the direction a relationship between two people who are boyfriends will take in the near future. All I can think about is, as I've heard, the rupture of the relationship. I can think that one of them is going to be very harsh with the other, attaching too much to what "should be" in the relationship, caring for what others may think .Conformity can become routine (I don't know where this thought came from). Conformity could lead to a lack of communication... I'm so lost here! I've always had trouble with this card reversed. Could anyone shed some light of what it could mean?

Thank you
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Originally Posted by Mistique
I got the Hierophant reversed as the direction a relationship between two people who are boyfriends will take in the near future.
There are two ways to read the Hierophant rx, and it depends on how YOU read reversals (and what your intuition is telling you). One way is to see the Hierophant upright as "good Hierophant" (a kind teacher who gets everyone to follow conventions in order to create a polite and caring society), and rx is "bad Hierophant" (the guy who waves about a holy book/rule book, insisting on a literal interpretation that has to be followed to the letter or everyone is damned).

The other way to read this card rx is to interpret the upright Hierophant as adhering to rules and laws (for better or worse) and the rx Hierophant as his "opposite"--someone who breaks rules, likely when no one is looking; a hypocrite who says one things but does another. Like a preacher saying that people should stay faithful to their spouses, but he's having sex with prostitutes on the side.

It's up to you which way to go with this card, which feels right given the rest of the spread, the querents and your gut instinct. But I would guess, given what you've said, that one or both of these guys will care what others think and put on a front of conformity while doing the opposite in secret. This, obviously, is likely to put a strain on the relationship if one or both of these guys are pretending to be one thing while doing and being something else.
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Hierophant Rx suggests that the bond between them will grow stronger as the reversed card supports unconventional partnerships and people who go against the rules of polite society, they will break with convention and probably live together quite openly.
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