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This is going to sound crazy, but I have a clairvoyant friend who communicated with me this afternoon. I think that she is sick somehow and is in need of a "healer". I don't know much about magic, but apparently there are those who can heal others but not themselves. So what can I do to heal her, is there any reading, stones, herbs, or sacred spells that I could pursue for her?
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Sounds pretty normal to me CrystalKeeper!

First of all, we all have the ability to heal - otherwise we would die quite soon after birth To extend that to others is not some super power reserved for the Chosen Few, all it needs is intent and the desire to help another.

If you have a feeling that your friend is in need of healing then you're most of the way there. Depends on your best method of working as to what you do next, if you feel that a point of focus helps, be it spells, scrying, tarot, vacuuming..... whatever helps you focus then that's fine.

If crystals are your thing then obviously Rose Quartz is a great place to start. Settle yourself, picture your friend in your mind and use your association with the healing energy of rose quartz to literally think her better. Picture the rose quartz energy surrounding her, passing through her and giving her the strength to heal herself - and this is the really important bit - it is not you that is providing the energy for her to heal, that can be very hard work and not good for you. In Reiki you are acting as a conduit or pipe for healing energy from wherever it comes and I don't ask too many questions about that and the same principle applies to any healing intent.

Another way that may work - for example the 10 Cups and Ace Swords for me both hold strong healing energies or rather they project a positive point of focus so if I feel it is appropriate I use them in the same way. Again, focus in the card, feel the strength that you draw through it and simply imagine that energy going to your friend for her to use in whatever way she best can.

Another option - pick up the phone! Healing is not always physical.......

in light

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circlewalker you make a very good point.. it is all the energy and thought transference we make.

It is energy really in Reiki when we put our hands either above or on someone and our intent is healing or comfort in any area or overall. It works long distance as well when we say a prayer with intent or have the Reiki method of thought and send it over the miles.

You can show you care Crystalkeeper by sharing with her in her trauma or even having a coffee with her. It is that intent for the well being of the other person. We become "other related" and in that way we lift them up.
You can spend some time with her and make her laugh. When a person shares and laughs their tension lessens a bit for those few minutes. That can be healing as well.
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Originally Posted by CrystalKeeper
... I don't know much about magic, but apparently there are those who can heal others but not themselves. So what can I do to heal her, is there any reading, stones, herbs, or sacred spells that I could pursue for her?
This is true, very often the gift that serves others can not be applied to oneself. That's why we need each other for support, to 'jump start' our energy, and stand by one another in love and compassion.

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