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Ace of Swords

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Ace of Swords

so, i have been seeing this card a lot lately and i am trying to understand it better....

I see this card as a card of cutting thru the difficulty and moving onto better times.

are there other things that i am missing with this card?
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maybe I can add some simple meanings maybe this can help you out.


Maybe this can help you!
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The crowned one 

It can be about potential energy or overload as it pertains to the suit of swords.
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I often see this card as truth revealed or attained, or cutting through confusion towards understanding.
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no_moon  no_moon is offline
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I've been getting this recently a lot too! (In the future position of PPF, too...) I don't know what spread you've been getting it in, or what cards were surrounding it, but I'd say it's a very decisive move towards whatever is around it.

To put two words kwesifriends said together, perhaps it is a "forceful decision" manifesting.
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mystic mal 

Its also cutting out situations,people and things that are no longer useful to you. It is looking at things logically and "thinking" about things instead of "feeling" them.Looking for fairness and justice even if you have to stand on your soapbox and spell it out to people."Cutting through the crap"
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The need to think clearly, the need to let go of any type of relationship that stops freedom of thought, the need to take decisive action whether you want to or not, the need to take on challenges, the need to sort out injustice.
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Upright this card indicates an opening up of the mind, consciousness, awareness in relation to whatever the tarot reading was about...

This could indicate that the mind is opening up to something that confuses and muddies perceptions making thoughts seem cloudy and hard to understand...
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This is my clarity card. Pure thought. True thought. One thought. More than one thought often gets us with muddled minds, no thoughts get us nowhere. A single thought is perfect clarity. I get this a lot for a breakthrough! situation. To me, it's the strongest Ace of the bunch.
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Miss Divine 

I've had it come up as having a sharp tongue (usually me).
So when it comes up I try to watch what I say a little bit.
Being honest sometimes means being blunt. Especially when the other party is NOT willing to listen to sweet subtle whispers
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