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Ace of Swords reversed

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Ace of Swords reversed

Would the Ace of Swords for bad habits that occur frequently signify that you start arguements frequently without thinking things through and perhaps have somewhat of a sharp tongue injuring others feelings?
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sporadic magic
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sporadic magic

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Yes. Destructive use of intellect.
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What deck? Does the sword point up or down when it's reversed?

If it naturally points down, and the tip is up when reversed, I'd say it signifies starting fights, not thinking before you speak, etc... all you said.

If it naturally points up, and the tip is down when it's reversed, however, I would personally read it as simply a lack of clarity. Like you have difficulties understanding things -- especially understanding other people's thoughts.
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If you think that is so, if that's the first impression you got, then it's probably so... using the sword to draw a line in the sand, cutting remarks, negative thoughts, communication and since they are usually double edged, not seeing both sides or that it cuts both ways, hurting yourself in the process.

I was thinking if the sword is pointing downward in a reversal, that it could be an unwillingness to cut through to the heart of the bad habit, to pin down the source, not cutting it out or not releasing it. Think of the habit as a boil that needs lanced in order to release the poisons before it can heal.

Roses and Swords belong together and in order for the rose bush to have a healthy bloom, it needs to be pruned and trimmed when the leaves begin to come out. So maybe this is also saying bad habits have gone on too long and need a good trimming at the first signs, rather than killing the bush and buds after waiting too long.
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Starting arguments because you want to cause trouble, to hurt people by your callous actions, being a bully, being dishonest and unethical.
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ace of swords reversed - bad habits

- being harsh with your words or concepts of something towards others or yourself, embarrassing others, maybe without being aware of it.
- Forming a sense of identity that causes separation from others or alienation from yourself, your true self. A false sense of identity, what I mean is maybe identifying with something that causes alienation, that is not your true self.

(* I think of a friend of mine who started working in a prestigious company and developed this sense of self based on that brand/ firm she worked for. this is shaky ground for self )

- a recurring pattern of conceptual thinking to do with your identity. Maybe this cards speaks of habitually forming this concept of yourself without questioning it anymore. Maybe still a believe system, a pattern, that is still active from early childhood and it is time to question it.
and a few more cents here : )

- habitual liar.
- habitual "I wait until tomorrow" attitude. indecisive
- pessimistic view, quarreling a lot.
- having crazy ideas - thinking is a habit to, certain pattern of thoughts, initial ones.

- not cleaning the hair in the showerdrain. lol ( got that of the R.W Tarot Deck)

- Since this card reversed has the concept excessively, extremely, "augmentation" attached to it, a habit of "fake self" comes to mind. No, I leave this one be... can't think of a translation right now.
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The ace of swords reversed indicates that your weakness is driving you to strew a hits upon ppl less deserve them. You are failing only because your actions are not calculated well and you are not using your intellect in right direction
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Perhaps too a habit of drawing conflict to our self, the influence can usually be spotted within our self and by the law of attraction will be drawn into our environment, a case of like attracts like until we spot and jump the hurdle. Best not try and push ahead under this influence else it will escalate.
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