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Fairytale Tarot - Ace of Wands

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Fairytale Tarot - Ace of Wands

By looking at the card I felt row power, growth and increase, powerful energy that is not channeled yet and maybe in a way out of control.
The face of the woman with scarf reminded me of Edvard Mnch’s “Scream”
A lot of red color I feel as passion, the cock reminds me of awakening, which is, spiritual awakening.
The day I drew this card, some two weeks ago, I had really high energy, did a lot of stuff I was postponing for a long time and I had unexpected income – definitely one of my favorite cards
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Queen of Disks 

This card also contains the element of surprise. I mean, it's not every day that you walk outside your house to find a giant beanstalk in your front lawn. Everyone in the card is completely shocked. Even the rooster and the chicken don't know what to make of the beanstalk.
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I pulled this as an advice card (for how to act) on a very important day once, and I do felt I acted very 'Ace of Wands.' I tried to capture the foolish focus of Jack, and it did go very well...I got what I wanted that day for sure.

I like that the card itself depicts Jack looking at the beanstalk in absolute awe. It is magic, and it's magic brought into a very mundane scene. Unlike many tales, Jack and the Beanstalk strikes me as taking place in a very mundane world. The Beanstalk---and all it leads to---is a real disruption to the mundane. It is a burst of lightning, a stomping foot, and literally a path to something 'larger' than ourselves. So, I think it captures both the harnessed fire of flesh and the focused point of spirit in it's idea.
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