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8 of wands reversed

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8 of wands reversed

I saw this card a lot recently in doing love readings for others as practice. At first, I thought this is about jealousy, but none of the case I've encountered involve jealousy issues.

So I was wondering what other meanings are attached to this card in relationship reading.

Some of the meanings I already knew are:
1) things not working out as expected
2) stifled enery
3) delay
4) quarrels, arguments
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The crowned one 

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I would see it as delays in moving forward in the relationship.
The development of problems coming into the relationship.
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could be many thing. Ive gotten this card in the past and it meant overheated passion between me and another person that did not last at all. so we are super into each other right away and the passion is strong, maybe lust is involved too and then it dies out quickly. i've also gotten it in a delay in seeing the other person or not getting a phone call from them.
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This card come up as communication a lot for me so,....I would say no communication, end of communication, trouble communicating.

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Aladdin  Aladdin is offline
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On one occasion this reversed card was for a delay in hearing from someone of over a week - at least eight days ! Another time it gave me an answer i was expecting and didn't want to see. Of all the cards this is perhaps the one which appears reversed less than any other for me.
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I always, I mean ALWAYS, get the 8 W RX when I have trouble getting online, or the computer is acting up, or Windows decides it is going to nap for a while. So, yes, communication problems, cannot get a message to the other side, to the receiver. The message does not get to its destination - like one way communication. Maybe someone needs to check their voicemail box - it is full and all those people are waiting for their messages to be read
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Ugh, this card is also currently coming up for me... waiting for communications from a certain person..... I usually see RX cards as the energy is there, but blocked or unable to manifest. So if he was able to contact me right away (swift like the 8 wands), the card would be upright, kind of thing.

Maybe try to ask what it represents in your situation (if communication, a page may appear, etc.) and what's blocking its energy?
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Delays, lack of action and a lack in the passion department.
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I would tend to view this as something is getting in the way. Whatever it is, no idea. 8 of Wands usually relates to swiftness, and quickly moving to a successful outcome, as such. If that is the case, then since reversals usually indicate a blockage, in this case I would say it is more like instead of being able to go in a straight line, per se, but weave in and out of here, there and anywhere. There are things that need to be sidestepped, things that need to be stepped over, and there are things that you need to duck. It just makes me think of an obstacle course!
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plans/thoughts gone awry

The eight of swords reversed can mean that things do not turn out as one might have hoped or thought they would. This may or may not be (seen as) unfortunate, depending on your orientation. Sometimes all the frenetic thinking about and busy plans we do surrounding a given event, situation or relationship is not going to go smoothly or pan out. Silence and prayerful centering in one's heart are key to this reversal, making room for the emptiness that is necessary for the fullness the upright hints towards.
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