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Judgment as feelings in love reading

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Originally Posted by WalesWoman
It's wanting to shout from the roof tops and announce to the World... I love this person!

It's the realization of something undeniable.
This sounds like pretty strong and powerful!!! Thank you WalesWoman, your interpretation is very inspiring.
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If this is a new relationship, then I would take it as a positive sign. The person makes the other feel alive and awakened like others have said.

However if this is an existing more long-term relationship, the person could feel at a crossroads and faced with having to make a great decision that could mean to go either way. They may be judging or assessing the period they had with the other perosn. Going the other way, could mean that the person would want to break free, want another new direction or clean slate. I have found this to be the case for existing relationships where one is deciding whether or not to leave.
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Ok, Clarity, I can see that, but I can also see in an existing relationship, that gets caught in the doldrums, reviving it, bringing it back from the dead and instilling some new life in it, realizing that it IS still there, but it needs some new energy and direction to flow in.
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The crowned one 

Originally Posted by Vivian
Thank you Samantha,
I got this card in the position, how does he think he feels about her?

So this card represents his thoughts of how he feels about her. This is a new relationship, so there is no past between them.
This would indicate he has come to a conclusion of some sort on her. He has a opinion of her. There is a sense of she is what she is here. Judgment can be a criticism but it is followed by forgiveness. I feel judgment is a card of positiveness, and he feels she is worth the effort of giving this ago. She may be his second choice as this card reduces to two. Last thought he may feel guilt or a obligation through guilt towards her.

I do not draw this card often, and I am not doing the reading so all my thoughts are sort of mental exercises rather then intuition, please keep that in mind
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Originally Posted by WalesWoman View Post
My main take on Judgement is that the process is already happening, no matter what you do or don't do, whether you want it or not. It's like something outside of ourselfs has momentarily taken control and what can you do??? It's up to us, the individual to go with the flow and not resist because resistance is futile.

To me, Judgement in a relationship reading would be feeling like you are alive, as if everything before that moment has merely been existing without really feeling it or living it, but now... you are transported by your feelings and rising up to Cloud 9.

It's wanting to shout from the roof tops and announce to the World... I love this person!

It's the realization of something undeniable.
So so true
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