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Vivian's Avatar
Join Date: 21 Feb 2008
Location: Edmonton, Alberta
Posts: 758
how does Queen of Wands Rx feel?

How does this Reversed Queen feel when it represnts someone's feelings?

I recently got this card a lot as someone's feelings for others.
I interpreted as someone who's fiery, really angry, but I've also read that she represents jealousy, strong sexual attractions.

What's most likely if she appears in relationship readings?
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Old 01-05-2008     Top   #1
Wonderwoman's Avatar
Join Date: 17 May 2006
Location: Neptune
Posts: 1,271
The Drama Queen!

I've always seen this card as the amazingly exhuberant drama queen. It can be heaven or hell being around this person.
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Old 01-05-2008     Top   #2
Ocean Bliss 
Ocean Bliss's Avatar
Join Date: 10 Apr 2008
Location: Bradford, England
Posts: 182

Possibly this Queen does all she can to get those she is attracted to to notice her but no matter how hard she tries they still look through her.

Possibly she feels unnoticed or put in someone's shadow or like she has been pushed aside so she gets angry or tries even harder to become an extreme version of herself.

The reflected light of the moon can often cancel out the light of the stars. Sometimes we can be so moody that we forget to see the bright side.
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PentQueen's Avatar
Join Date: 09 Dec 2007
Location: Somewhere Out There
Posts: 5,997

I kept getting this card rx. when I was feeling really exhausted, run down and confused about what direction I wanted to go. As the 'faithful' queen, I would say that in the revsered position, she is lacking faith.
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Old 01-05-2008     Top   #4
Card Reader/Fortune Teller
Grizabella's Avatar
Join Date: 08 Jul 2004
Location: northwest US
Posts: 23,100

That's what I was thinking-----run down, tired, no pep, no energy.
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Old 02-05-2008     Top   #5
Just a little prairie faerie
lark's Avatar
Join Date: 07 Oct 2003
Location: In the Spirit Room, Wisconsin
Posts: 8,516

I'm always cautious of a Queen of Wands RX because for me it almost always means someone who is a posser or are not really seeing their authentic self....they are putting on a pretense for some reason within the relationship....and finding out later who they truly are might be good or it might be bad, but it will always be different than how they have presented themselves to you in the first place.

also as side note beware of advice given from a Queen Wands RX it is usually wrong information or distorted in someway...

But one man loved the pilgrim soul in you, And loved the sorrows of your changing face. W. B. Yeats
*Hermits Unite
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celticnoodle's Avatar
Join Date: 17 Aug 2006
Location: across from spook hill
Posts: 28,394

all of these posts mention great ways to see this queen. it's funny, because this card reversed makes me think of someone I know--fairly well. And, she fits every description each person has posted so far here! That is just how I see it----however, it also depends on surrounding cards.

sometimes this card in the reversed can also be seen as the woman feeling quite inadequate or unsure how 'to behave' or react around the person.
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Old 02-05-2008     Top   #7
Join Date: 03 Nov 2007
Location: Japan
Posts: 257

She feels ignored, like everyone sees through her... in a relationship, perhaps as if the other person does not notice her true needs or real personality.

I sometimes have days like this.
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Old 02-05-2008     Top   #8
WalesWoman's Avatar
Join Date: 22 Nov 2003
Location: the Pacific Far East United State of Alaska
Posts: 11,136

One of the earliest meanings I got for the Queen Wands Rx, is because she just has to take care of everything herself... she's the one who volunteers at the soup kitchen, takes care of every little crisis everyone comes to her with, plus with her own personal stuff, her job, raising her kids, being the soccer mom and all that, she is totally burnt the candle at both ends.

Or the stress is getting to her, her reserves have run out. I'd also think that the reversed Queen is having an attack of low self esteem and jealousy, this might be the time she gets really catty and snarly and no one you want to mess with. OR that her natural good humor has gone flat, she just isn't feeling her usual sunny, bright cheerful self... and really needs a break. But mainly I would think that her spark is missing, her flame is going out.

If you can't be a good example -
- then you will just have to be a horrible warning
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Old 02-05-2008     Top   #9
Psychebleu's Avatar
Join Date: 11 Feb 2004
Location: US
Posts: 330

Queen of Wands, rx in a relationship.

Arrogantly, bitterly entitled, and enraged at a brush-off. lol
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Old 04-05-2008     Top   #10
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