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LS Celtic Tarot- The Fool- Fintan Mac Bochra

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LS Celtic Tarot- The Fool- Fintan Mac Bochra

The Story-
According to the LWB Fintan Mac Bochra, aslo known as Fintan on the Hill of the Wave, was the last man left among his people. Wikipedia names his as the "Wise". It says that he accompanied Noah's grand daughter to Ireland before the flood. According to that version he was one of three men to accompany fifty women. He went on to have sixteen wives. All his wives and children were drowned during the flood but he survived- one version says it was by turning into a salmon another version says it was by hiding in a cave. He has popped in various stories as the advisor to kings.

In both versions he has lived for a very long time. He has been a witness to everything that has happened in Ireland for the last 5500 years.

I also found a reference to him being taken over by Christianity being turned into a saint- St. Fintans.

So. What does that boil down to? Fintan Mac Bochra survived the Great Flood. He has lived since then and can change his form to that of a salmon. He is a survivor. He is wise. I'm seeing a few similarites with Merlin here. Hmm.

The Art
Now how about the art? What do we see in the card itself? An old man holding a small harp in one hand and holding the other hand high. His staff rests on his shoulder; it shows signs of life. Its not so much a staff as a crook. His red cloak is billowing out in the wind and the skies are stormy. So is this Fintan before or after the flood? He seems to be in the middle of saying something- a spell perhaps? To change his form? He isn't helpless- he wears a sword with confidence.

The Archetype
How does all this fit in with our archetype of the Fool?

Fintan was there at the beginning. The flood may not be the beginning but it is a beginning. He is a link with the world before. Perhaps one of its few survivors. He made a place for himself in the new world. He guided and watched without taking an active role. So as a Fool, he is perhaps more about watching and learning. Watching others come after him and learn as he learnt. His wisdom was there for those who asked but he never interfered.

He was an odd one out- one of few men amonst many women. So this Fool is about not just daring to be different but simply being different.

Fintan Mac Bochra is also out of time. So this Fool is about taking time. No jumping off of cliffs here. This is card seems to anchor a reading as a point of time in your life. He reminds us that events are part of a lifetime. That they are connected to everything that came before and everything that will come after.

Lastly, this Fool is adaptable. If he needed to be a salmon to survive, then a salmon he would be. He did what he needed to do. He is really quite a wise Fool.

Probably the one thing I can't associate with him is innocence. Its hard to be 'innocent' when you have sixteen wives. Its hard to be innocent when you have watched the doings of a land for over five thousand years. And looking at his face he doesn't seem all that innocent. He seems quite capable of dealing whatever is thrown at him. If the Flood didn't phase him then nothing will.

Thats all I can think of now. I'll come back to this is I find any more.
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This is what I perceive with this card:

The wise man who does not take life seriously, even if inside him at a huge potential.
And very wise, his arm raised and his eyes they call the sky, the sea behind him and in storm, the clouds above him.
Make sure the saggerra and wealth are many, just knowing how to manage.
And very spoiled and nasty when he wants to symbolize the evil that comes out when it does not get what you want.
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