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29-04-2006 19:44
[QUOTE=Ventrue]Can A.C's religious worldview (or lack thereof) be summarized?[/QUOTE]
Try having a look around Thelemapedia. In particular the sections on Thelema, Agape, True Will, and the Holy Guardian Angel.


29-04-2006 19:47
[QUOTE=ravenest]God does equal Dog if one is into ancient Egyptian magic (Sirius - Canis Major)[/QUOTE]
Is a God to live in a dog? No! but the highest are of us.

Woof, woof! :D

Ross G Caldwell
29-04-2006 19:57
[QUOTE=Ventrue]Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. &
Love is the law, love under will.

I was kinda looking for just a tad bit less compressed maybe :)


In my opinion, Crowley's religious worldview is that each person is fundamentally unique and divine, and should seek to realize this as fully as possible. This is what "Every Man and Every Woman is a Star" means.

"Do What Thou Wilt..." etc. is the "commandment" of Thelema;

"Love is the Law..." etc. is the method of Thelema.

The best statement of Thelemic ethics is given in "Liber OZ" -

This is my favorite on-line biography of Crowley.

A biography is only tangentially related to a "religious worldview" I realize, but there is a lot of good and funny commentary here.

29-04-2006 20:35
Liber Oz - The Book of the Goat or The Book of Strength!
Drop the Hierophant in the middle and guess who's name pops up? ;)

04-02-2009 12:02
[QUOTE=Alta]he postulates that the entire Hebrew language is based on numerical values[/QUOTE]
this predates Crowley by thousands of years, this is basic Kabbalah he adopted

i'm late to join this group but here i am..
[b]1:1 Had! The manifestation of Nuit.[/b]
[b]2:1 Nu! the hiding of Hadit.[/b]

this is really key.. the hiding is a revealing, every revealing (insight) begins another concealing..

the process of uncovering (magical study, raising via serpent power etc), and also seeing (appreciating) the revealing in concealing (existence unfolding) is the point and the practice (essentially the same as Kabbalah)

05-02-2009 04:35
Ok I am this the beginning thread?

Please everyone bear with me. I promise to read the thread before further comment but want to know where to start out... there are numeroud threads and I don't want to start out wrong.

gleefully thothing on

05-02-2009 08:01
[QUOTE=nicky]Ok I am this the beginning thread?[/QUOTE]

I think your loooking for the Book of Law study group Nicky, this one is the Book of Thoth. The Book of Law group is indexed at the bottom of this sticky thread

Starting with "calling all centre's of pestilence", the going though in numerical order with a few detours along the way. :)

05-02-2009 12:09

Wait, I want to stay here too.. reading the threads now so as to avoid possible shunning from the Thothies :)

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