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Thank you, greycats. You have shown me 10 wands as Not a burden for the first time. You write it as a privilege, something we forget exists in physical work.
I was a Nurse's Aid and then Nursing Tech for many years. Did a heap of homecare and hospice cases, lot of hospital work, and a little Nursing Home. (You can't give good care with a 20:1 patient ratio, I don't care how good you are.) It was a privilege to care for these people on the brink, even when they drove me nuts, and my feet and back and all were howling for relief. My life would have been so much poorer without them in so many ways--(none of the monetary!)--I learned so much from them, and although most of them are now dead, they live on in my memory and still enrich my life with their strength and wisdom.
It was good work, and so, not very valued by our society--underpaid and overworked. You know.
Your reading of this card brings those years back to me, in a wonderful way, and reminds me just how much the world depends on these little mundane un-glamorious tasks, and always has been.
Again, thank you.
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