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Hi Dave's Angel!
Firstly, I am not sure that you will get a book about Alphabets that does not carry the History of that alphabet.
Aside from writing systems of China and Japan, most writing in the world belongs to one family of marks on a surface, as far as is known. The first one we know about is called a proto- semetic 2000 BC- then that one had a daughter called the Phoenician 1000 BC. In the next 200 years that daughter was borrowed by five other languages to describe them. They were Greek/Hebrew/Aramiac/Brahmi/Etruscan. They were called Abjads as they had 18-24 consonant sounds.
They described the sounds that our mouths make by relating that sound to a shape, we now call a letter. They were for conveying information, that could not be heard orally. It does not appear that these marks originally were used to explain anything esoteric. After all pictograms(first writing) seem to be about the convenience of counting stores and stock; abjads about directions, Gods, stars and the like.To make a mark understandable- it had to relate to the sound of the word- so Ox was the word that sounded like an outbreath AAAA- so you drew a head with horns -that was an ox.
Once this happened- esoteric explanations were overlaid on that letter. It was also a powerful tool to become powerful with this secret knowledge.So you are looking for books on that overlay of esoteric knowledge?
On Runic Script : Rune Power by Kenneth Meadows (thought to come via Etruscan branch)
Ogham and Coelbren by Nigel Pennick
Johanna Drucker's The Alphabetic Labyrinth: the letters in history and imagination, isbn 0500280681.(offered by jmd) - excellent!
The Alphabet Abecedarium by Richard A Firmage (gives bits and peices of esoteric)
The Hebrew Alphabet:A Mystical Journey by Edward Hoffman
and Ross Caldwell's offering "The Key of It All" by David Allen Hulse.(I think the best)
These are very easily read books, will not get you bogged down and have excellent bibliographies.
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