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Originally Posted by kwaw

by dressing their sacred patroness in a girdle of bulls balls looking like so many breasts...

The tricky Ephesians by such visual deception and honeyed words were able to apparently satisify the claims of both the first and second schools.

Until that day any student of fate, fortune and soap opera scripts would predict as inevitable when ambassadors of the two happened to meet in the precincts of the Temple.

"What juggling is this?" they demanded of the High Priestess, "To one you say bazookahs and to the other balls?"

"You'll be telling us next," they laughed, "that one is two!"

"How wise thou art," the High Priestess took up the challenge, "and how foolish we, to think we could conceal from thee our greatest mystery."

"For to us the sign B is our glyph of the Beginning. Thus it combines in one the breasts of the Great Mother and the balls of the Great Father, for in the beginning the two became one, 'let us create in our image' they said, male and female created they, who are and were and will be. And so our being was begotten."

"Golden Dawners?" asked one shocked ambassador of the other.
"But our oracles do not predict their rising for several thousand years" he replied.

"Anachronistic breeders of Croweyite deviants!" they exclaimed.

"Obliviate the bloody bastards!!"

And so it was the Temple at Ephesus came to lie in ruins. The rest is history, so some hold, though according to others it should properly be called myth, though a third party says…

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