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The Numbers return in a way... This is a dream of category 1. I asked my Guides to let me dream of roses, to let me know things were ok between us. Instead I got a very rich dream!

I dreamt I received a package of letters in the mail. They were the total correspondence between me and a woman. They spoke of love and admiration. It also said that lately, there hadn't been much communication and that she was sorry for that. She told me that I had been wasting too much time online at a certain website instead of looking for her in another place. It had a webaddress of something that seemed like a group. I don't remember the exact address.
In my dream I went to look there, and I saw a discussion about a Card/Deck. I noticed I had gotten one of those too, from my lovely Guide. The description centered around a large flower (I think white) with behind it loads and loads of yellow. I remember being grateful and happy for having received that deck from my Guide.
In the last letter was a lotto form. I was quite surprised and wondered how she could have gotten that for me, for in my dream she lived overseas. I pondered that she must have put some money into her envelop and must have gotten it through there. On the lotto form were three numbers, filled in by the Dutch Taxservice. I only remember 219 for certain, and other then that 69. I also seemed to find importance in the word "Lyric".
I woke up.

Well, it seems that things are alright, even though I've felt out of touch for a long while now. Which is, mostly, my fault, as my Guide lets me know so aptly. I've known for a long time that my main Guide is now a female, however, I've been getting different names and different attitudes but nothing very clear.

I did indeed have a lotto ticket at home, which I have to deliver, since it has 1 Euro in it. I hadn't planned on using that to play again, but maybe I should. However, I can't connect 219 to anything, since this is not a number that can be played.

Hmmm.... At least I'm very happy that apparently the flow of letters is possible although personally I feel that things don't "reach"

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