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Originally Posted by gregory
LB - another new enthusiasm ? In you, this always seems scary. What happened to the "I am damn well going to learn to love one deck and bond with it" ?? (Seriously...)
I now await the "I have really gone off it" Navigators thread....
I decided I suited other ways of life than just monogamy, haha.

But in recent times, decks I have purchased have been bought to accustom one system - the playing card system that I have been using. The China, Deva, 1JJ and various Marseille, when I read now, all are part of that. So in that sense, it doesn't matter which I pick out of the bundle. They all satisfy the same need. Just different looks for different occasions and querants.

This, on the other hand, was something different. While in the shop, I was looking at pip decks to see if I could adapt them to my system. If the cards carry too much of their own imagery or the imagery does simply not fit with the 'keywords' and feelings I have for each card, then it is pointless. I was looking at the 'Hermetic' and 'Old English', as examples. Also a few others. The 'Renaisance', I think. But the pictures in these jarred quite heavily with the system that I planned to use them with, so they were no-goes.

But here, this was just a casual interest. A seed that had been laid by Moonbow a few years passed. And looking again afresh, I considered that I would have to learn them as they were set to be learned [kind of], and in that, I felt an excitement that I have not felt in a while. So for good old readings for others [which I plan on doing when I get back from Paris, at a friend's house], I will turn up with the Deva, 1JJ and China. All will get the same treatment. But for myself, for reflection, until I know it well, will be this one. I have not used an illustrated deck for some time. So really, this is a bit of a departure for me right now.

I love the images. I really do. It reminds me of the great relationship I had with my 'Tarot of the Ages' [which is very special because of the intensity and length of time I spent with it]. The only thing that might kill this beautiful friendship is if the book continues to frustrate. Maybe I should take my own advice and just get to know the deck alone. Do you think?

I learnt a good few years ago that I could make love to more than one man at the same time and still feel the intensity for both. Now I am learning that I can apply the same theory to tarot decks, lol.

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