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Now here I am trying to get my head (and its a flu-y one too), around the William Blake Tarot, and I'm enticed by this thread and several PMs.

Here's my favourite card in the deck:

I've said allot to littlebuddha by PM already. I love this deck and never get tired of it because the cards have so much going on in them, and yet some are very subtle (I don't mean the colours). The book is a must for understanding the symbols in the cards but other than that I find the deck better used in any way that suits the individual. What is fun about this deck is that I can stare at a card, think about it, meditate over it and find meanings which match the imagery which I then never forget, its as though the meanings implant themselves deeply in my mind. Perhaps its the colours that do it.

If you don't have the large book, it is interesting to look at the head gear, arm bands etc and other items of clothing have small symbols in them too.

I can see why you would like this deck littlebuddha, because it really does open up a creative imagination. I also think that is perhaps why you change decks quite often. As a creative person in a market where change, and new ideas is essential, it must keep you on your toes at everything you are involved with.

Don't know how I saw this thread a day late!
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