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Observations on the threes

I offered my comments on the threes as a conversational observation only. It had nothing to do, in my mind, on one's choice of keywords. Instead it was to illustrate how various approaches to card design and card usage might prompt one to consider various keywords. And, it introduced a design that many had not seen before. Just for the sake of conversation. No intent to confuse or to contradict anyone.

Our tarot world today is much more diverse than it was a hundred years ago or even twenty years ago. That is good and it might also represent aspects that are not as good in some cases -- this is a theme that is often brought up in many ways here on AT. Are some decks to "design or art biased" to be good for tarot usage? Do some deviate from the traditional concepts in a way that isn't good? Are the traditional decks no longer relevant in this modern society? All of this makes for good conversation and stimulates our thinking. Dave
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