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Originally Posted by Sweet Irish Angel
Hiya Just found this from another book as it was not in the previous one I used!

this relates to a mole on either foot

You will find that your love life does not run smoothly for you if you find a mole on the top of your foot. But if it is red in colour, it means you will be successful in your love life with the big problem being that you are too flirtatious to get stuck in a monogamous relationship.
thanks for asking that question, huredriel
I was going to ask about that too! I was born with a mole on my right foot, just below the big toe--as was my oldest sister! Neither of us had much luck in love at first & she still is having problems. then mine turned color----(reddish brown) when I was in my 20's. It also moved---seemed to go further down in the foot. I was concerned, saw a dr. but all was okay. However-- soon after it changed color & moved, I met the love of my life---20yrs ago now!!! So, it was correct all through my life, I guess. First love relationship was the pits, the 2nd one was & still is super! However, now the mole seems to be fading---hope this is a good thing too!

Now, I recently noticed one, brown in color, round, the size of a pinhead on my left index finger! one day it was just there! it's probably considered a reddish brown, but more brown. light in color too. anything on this, S.I.A.?

what isthe name of this book/author? Sounds like a great book to have!

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