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I absolutely love this High Priestess. It has such a wonderful sense of serenity and deep reflection. She is standing in the water, which to me suggests that she is grounded in her subconscious. Likewise, her book of wisdom is submerged, suggesting that her wisdom is intuitive, derived from the subconscious (I think her book is "written" only deep within her).

She is lightly veiled; her mysteries are not completely revealed. Her head slightly bowed, her eyes downcast or closed, she seems to be looking deeply within herself. The blue cast of the card provides this card with a deep sense of peace. If I were to set a time, I would say that it is early evening, shortly after sunset. There is a large crescent moon reflected in the water. It is the waning moon, signifying a time of deep intuition and divination. The waning moon is also symbolic of the crone aspect of the triple goddess, representing both wisdom and an autumnal period of life. This makes Fall a natural choice of glyph for this card.
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