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21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card -- Step NINE

I have just opened the book to Step Nine and have read what is asked of us. Before I set our tasks for step nine, I'd like to make a suggestion: I have copied all of my posts (copy and paste) into a word processor document. In this way I can look back at all of my prior reading, key words, thoughts, etc for reference. This will be helpful for Step Nine, and perhaps beyond.


Step Nine is about transforming metaphors into messages by asking questions and taking "snapshots." Mary Greer states that questions lead us into discovery of deeper, richer stories and understanding. The questions can be directed at your chosen card, any card, as well as to a querent. She notes the SUN card as an example -- the Sun card represents "joy and happiness". So, you could ask, "Where is the joy in your life?" This involves you deeply into discovering more meanings within the card as well as it involves a querent into their reading by linking the card to one/many incidents in their life.

I took a moment to reflect on this while reading the paragraph in the book and thought to my self:
** FOOL: Faith, innocence, starting a journey. What are you starting that is new to you? What are you unprepared for?
** MAGICIAN: Power, magic, creativity. What is your major strength? What have you created?
This can be done for every/any card.

Then I thought about applying this questioning approach to a three-card spread. Already these exercises are leading me to more awareness of how to use the cards. We may be doing some of this intuitively already as part of our process of reading Tarot. But, making this a conscious process, sort of like making it a tool in our Tarot tool box, enables us to quickly manage a reading so that it is richer and more productive for the querent.

Mary next talks about "snap shots." These snap shots are memory images, not actual photos. The image has details, emotions, sensations. Each card image can bring forth one/more snapshots for us, for others. What is both simple in concept and exciting in its promise is Mary Greer's suggestion that we consciously take a moment to recognize a "photo" moment and give it a keyword association. In this way we have access to its full recall at some later date.

Step 9:1 has two parts:
** Review all your previous descriptions for your chosen card. (This is why I have copied all of my posts to this point) Ask a least three open-ended questions. Answer (write) these questions.
** Then, ask what you have to look at in your life right now? Where is the strongest emotion, the first thing that comes to mind, the clearest image.

Good luck on this step. Dave
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