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Is The Planet Order Really a Mess?

I have read often that the Planet order of Golden Dawn does not fit in the sequence of 22 properly. I have been trying to work out if I can can see why it is OK. I think it is about colour.
Lets see if I can explain, without boring everyone to tears, what I mean.
Seven Planets, Seven colours to the rainbow, Chaldean order, Alchemical order
and colours on the Rosy Cross lamen.
On the Rosy Cross the colours run anticlockwise from the top in the rainbow order.
The Chaldean order goes Saturn, Jupiter,Mars,Sun,Venus,Mercury and Moon.
The Alchemical order goes Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, Moon, Venus, Mars and Sun.
The Golden Dawn goes Mercury-Moon-Venus-Jupiter-Mars-Sun and Saturn.
The Magician-Mercury-Yellow -I am
The High Priestess-Moon-Blue -I think
The Empress-Venus-Green (yellow+Blue)-I create
Wheel Of Fortune-Jupiter- Violet - Therefore things change
The Tower-Mars-Red- I am transformed
The Sun-Sun-Orange- I have achieved
The World-Saturn-Indigo- This is what I wanted- completion.
In one of the Golden Dawn grades called I think the Flying Roll XV11 the Seven sides- The person stands with Violet at their left hand and Red at their right looking towards the east at Venus- so I put the seven colours on the seven pointed star and it all looked fine to me........ so can someone tell me why everyone gets upset at this Golden Dawn Planetary Order? ~Rosanne
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