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Part 3 of my step Nine reply

The last part went through the AT Server after I had removed a double space after the colons.

In step THREE, part One, I looked at the card and its scene from the viewpoint of the small green Fey hovering above the dragon. I noted, I'm just above this intruding dragon, all my nerves are tingling as I keep just out of range, plunging and testing its responses. I have a sense of coping and determination when I read this.
** MY QUESTION: How do I chop this beast down to size?
** MY ANSWER: The answer is in the question, I just break the whole big issue into small ones, line them up, and take care of them one by one.
** FEELING: Relief, anticipation of the future when this will be over with.
** I RELATE THIS TO: My life this week represents this Fey's view of the dragon problem. I've finished my three class schedules. We are selling some summer vacation property that requires maintenance time and which we didn't use last year. I've finished the book I've working on for several months now. Spring is coming. I've got a lesser number of projects ahead of me.
** MEMORY: The morning last December when I awoke after surgery. My first thought was, "Hey, this is the last step. It's over and in a short while I'll be able to get back to doing all the stuff I want to do." Self-satisfaction, relief, a sense of completion of a plan to deal with problems. I was under those heated blankets they use during and after an operation, still feeling a bit "rosey and blissful" from the after effects of sedation. I could see sunshine through windows across the hall doorway and that raised my spirits quite a bit.
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