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The last piece of my reply to step Nine.

Well, posting to the AT Server does have a problem when you have two spaces after a colon. Now I know.

In Step Five we reduced our card's number to its final number and then related the number to the card's image. My number was three. I explained that this number related to coupleness, a child, what come from co-operating between two collaborators, a result or fruition, what comes from a relationship in time -- understanding.
** MY QUESTION: How does a "three" concept portray something important about this card for me?
** MY ANSWER: Inspite of the differences (size, color, perspective), both the Dragon and the Fey have to work things out. Either one will win and the other will lose, or both will win or fail, or one will elect to unilaterally change the situation and thereby affect the other.
** FEELING: Frustration on having to depend upon others. I'm moving towards a more comfortable schedule now, involving others will just complex the situation.
** RELATING TO THIS: Last December and January I had to enlist the help of my daughter, son-in-law and the children to move furniture around the house and do some of the heavy lifting for me until I fully recovered. I'm not used to not doing things for myself. I sort of fluttered around, made useless comments and suggestions, and had a hard time relaxing. Everything got done fast and easy. Then we all relaxed, had coffee, then dinner and had a snowball fight with the grandchildren in the back yard. A nice day.
** MEMORY: Many years ago I purchased a small British sports car, a 1965 Sunbeam with softtop. Within minutes of driving it out of the dealership I started having problems with the car. The tires delaminated, the top ripped when I folded it down, the tachometer broke, and the car completely went dead while my wife was driving it on the highway. And that was in the first two hours I owned the car. It continued like that. The dealer wouldn't take the car back and couldn't fix all the problems. I traded it in. I can remember how happy I was when I had another car while I drove away, leaving the old car for someone else to deal with. I was feeling like a little kid that just got away with a bag of candy from a birthday party.

Several things come to mind. My statements above point to perceptions and mental reactions rather than deeply emotional feelings. That fits with this phase where I am finishing up a number of projects and shifting to other projects and a different seasonal life style. Where I had been feeling a bit pressured a month or two ago (all self imposed) due to delaying a lot of projects due to the fall period's several minor medical events, I was now entering an easier period. Relief.

I see all of this as the oversized dragon in the Fey WORLD card and I have adopted the small Fey's approach -- break the big problem up into small pieces and then deal with each piece one after the other. That has got me to this "relief" point. Over the next week or two I may consider choosing another card to see if that might represent this new period. Dave
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