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I am not convinced that Tree of Life is connected to Tarot, but conversely agree that TdM has a Judaic(Original Christianity) origin of a pattern of ideas as an aid to memory. So along comes the Golden Dawn whose members, namely Waite,Mathers,Crowley rectify the Tarot packs of those before- Court de Gebelin (What Tarot deck did he see used?)-Etteilla- Levi (who was the first to slot the whole of Tarot into the Quaballa); yet rectified again by Oswald Wirth, then Papus. Now it is a given that Golden Dawn in regards to Tarot was strongly influenced by Levi- there is also the amalgamation of other disciplines like alchemy and visionary experience. I am wondering if this visionary experience had a greater influence than I have found discussed.
I for example see Mercury the Planet in the Card Judgement, more easily than I do in The Magician- except in meditation of the colours of planets and cards- I can see Mercury as the Magician then. So it leaves me wondering if the Path 2 on the Tree and that argument is misplaced. Can someone enlighten me? ~Rosanne
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