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Hi Satori.

I think any cards can be used for magickal or healing purposes.
I think that these are particularly good for it because the names and the images are so immedeate, very simple, but deep too.

One way to see them is to see each card as a person, or an elemental, or whatever that embodies the name on the card.
Some are more difficult for this, but most are pretty easy.

The earthy. a beautiful woman, the spirit of the earth.
That sort of thing.
Whatever the name means to you.

As 'people' or forces, they can be invoked, imagined, spoken too, things like that.
And I think they can be used like that very well.
If you picked a card that symbolised what you wanted r what you wanted to know, and then meditated upon it, or 'imagined yourself into the card' where you could talk to the person/thing upon it, then you could get information or healing or wisdom or whatever.
Sorry, I'm rubbish at explaining this sort of thing.

How I read them is usually with three card spreads, and very simple questions.
And because I have never had official meanings for them I really just say what I see. I do not have to comply with anything.
It's a peculiar sort of freedom for my intuition.

I generally get simple but direct answers to my questions.

I really love these cards.
I work with them in a very different way to tarot, or even any oracle cards.
It's much more free.

Oh yeah.
I also wanted to say that I have no interest in 'the story' or the cartoon or whatever it was.
I couldn't care less what Sakura did or didn't do with the cards.
That's what I like about them, I don't know nothing and I don't need to know nothing.

Also, I have the orange, original type.
The pink ones are just very, very pink.
I think they have an extra card, but really, I don't know.
I like pink, but that's just too much pink for me.
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