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Thanks Lillie.
I think the cards are cute and freeing as well. You know some of my best Tarot readings have actually been when I don't try to remember anything other than to say what comes up. When I try to read from RW meanings or try to remember numbers...sometimes I get more stuck than if I just let go and relax. Which is why I also think that when we are using the Clow we start with our own intuition rather than go to a website and learn someone else's meanings.

Just from doing the favorite, least favorite exercise I discovered some great information. And I really got more out of the least favorite exercise. Suddenly I had the Cloud girl crying and I was really tuning in to her and what she had to say to me! It was fun.

I like that they are personalities. I did go online this afternoon and watched the very first episode of the Sakura Cardcaptor show. It wasn't bad, but I don't know if I'm cut out for watching the whole thing.

What did you do with the cards that are in chains inside of the card? I thought that was interesting, the chained up sword and shield. That sort of bothers me a little, those chains....if I had a magic eraser I think I would erase the chains on those....but I think when I get around to working with them it will make a bit more sense. I'm hoping anyway.

I also seem to be drawn more to the cards that I see as "adult" rather than the littlest kids. And that sort of surprises me. I have little ones, I'm an older Mom in fact. So it was interesting to me that I had so much impatience with the Cloud. But I think I do so much parenting and care taking that I don't want to deal with bratty oracle cards!!! LOL.
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