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Originally Posted by Satori
Well Roseanne, I cannot enlighten you because I am still on the path myself, , but I wonder where the Earth is in all of this?

I don't want to take your thread off topic, but is it because we are on the Earth that it doesn't show up in the list?

This is new stuff to me, so I figured since the discussion hadn't really started yet I would come over and ask my ignorant questions. And, I'm not afraid of you! You nice lady.
You are absolutely right Satori, the Earth isn't there because we are on it. In the old system, the Earth was considered the centre of the Universe, and it did not move. It wasn't a planet. Planet means "wanderer." Up in the sky there were objects that moved - the seven planets - but Earth was fixed, immovable. The Sun went around US - and so did the Stars.

Roseanne -

so can someone tell me why everyone gets upset at this Golden Dawn Planetary Order? ~Rosanne
Who do you mean that gets upset?

All of those orders are different - there's even another one (not to confuse you further) - the days of the week! Sun-Moon-Mars-Mercury-Jupiter-Venus-Saturn.

Then there's one closer to home (esoterically), the Sefer Yetzirah -

The GD didn't use this one, but they used the Sefer Yetzirah's Zodiac attributions. Go figure.

This is not to dismiss it as naive, Moon-Gimel-Priestess makes sense, as does Beth-Mercury-Magician. The others do to, according to their own logic.

I wouldn't hang up on it - just try to figure out the logic behind each one, and go with it.

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