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The sorting exercise is pretty powerful. Thank you to Chronata for that one. Once you get going with it, you begin to subconsciously make little decisions about the cards, and it is so zen that you zone out a bit and begin making little connections between cards that you might not have made before.

One of the group members who also sorted the cards grouped the elementals together...and I hadn't been thinking in those terms. I was very much into grouping them by age! The little mermaid, The Bubbles wanted to be with the other mermaid at first, but later she seemed content to hang out with the younger watery cards. I found it very interesting to play with them in groups.

I admit I'm eager to exchange a reading with someone using the deck, but since people are finding the study group a bit slowly I may hold off on the reading exercises for now.

I'm so glad you joined us Lillie.

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