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Originally Posted by Rosanne
The Alchemical order goes Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, Moon, Venus, Mars and Sun.
In my understanding, the opus proceeds by the four stages lead-mercury-silver-gold, the three transitions being black-white-red: the black is recognition of lead's blackness, allowing transmutation, which is mercury, to take place, which then allows whiteness or purity to produce 'silver' (calm reflection), which then allows the fullness of color (red) to produce out of said purity that which is incorruptible (symbolized by gold). Now that you mention it, I suppose each step from one stage to the next might be correlated with a planet to produce a full 7-planet order, yet black would normally be Saturn/Kronos/Krishna, which is already taken by lead. Yet each stage may be helped by a planet. Perhaps recognition of one's initial blackness requires that one truly love oneself, Venus/copper, which is then hardened to bronze by addition of Jupiter/tin, which is then outdone in hardness by Mars/iron: yet this only leads to better weaponry, not wisdom.

Hence it would more likely be the courage or martial discipline that is required to see one's initial blackened state and allows transformation to take place, which must then be 'relaxed' to accomplish true reflection, it being Venus/copper that does the 'relaxing' (the warrior in us softened by love, so to speak), which is then hardened to a happy medium by Jupiter/tin: the upshot of this would be the bronze of statues (perhaps explaining the legend of the golem as having originated in a metaphor concerning statuary).
Originally Posted by Rosanne
I am not convinced that Tree of Life is connected to Tarot, but conversely agree that TdM has a Judaic(Original Christianity) origin of a pattern of ideas as an aid to memory. So along comes the Golden Dawn whose members, namely Waite,Mathers,Crowley rectify the Tarot packs of those before- Court de Gebelin (What Tarot deck did he see used?)-Etteilla- Levi (who was the first to slot the whole of Tarot into the Quaballa); yet rectified again by Oswald Wirth, then Papus.
Don't mean to intrude (or do I?), but shouldn't rectify and rectified have single quotes? (And Levi would of course have only been the first to so 'slot' if the designers of, say, the Marseilles had not beat him to it!)
I for example see Mercury the Planet in the Card Judgement, more easily than I do in The Magician-
Interesting that you say this. Knowing I shall bore everyone to tears, let me say that in the [proto-]bardic (scheme masked underneath) Kabbalah, XX LeJugement (calcium, which shares mercury's valence), as Ss-straif-blackthorn-tzaddi or taurus (in the tree-calendar, ere its alef-bet shift to aquarius), marks with its month the part of Mercury's column (of the seven) which extends to the top of the alchemical vessel (round of the year, aries-the-head being up): it is this part of its column that is expanded by Mercury's number (8) in Coins or rounds to become its poisonous vapors, that which forces the alchemical vessel to be a round (that is, closed so that the 'puffer' might not breathe said fumes). The expansion is brought about by the fact that tree-calendar 8 is fearn-the-alder or aries, while Hebrew 8 is cheyt-the-shoulders or gemini (ere its alef-bet juggling), thus spreading mercury out to encompass the whole of spring (symbolizing filling-out of tree's foliage in spring). [Fearn's place is taken by samekh-the-head in the square-Hebrew of the prophets, and no doubt by samekh the ogam-consaine Ng in old north Semitic.]
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