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The first thing I tried to do was to categorise them.

(it's the way my mind works)

And I was very annoyed that they refused to be categorised.
Too many of them fit into more than one category.
Or no category.

I have never done them by age.

I tried puting them in pairs once.

But some of them wanted to go with their opposites and some wanted to go with their most similar card.
And others just didn't want to go at all.

Just to give you an idea of what I'm like, when I was a kid and I played with lego, I used to tip out the box and then put them together so I had a block of red squares, a block of white squares, a block of big red oblongs, small red oblongs.....and so on.
I got annoyed then with the ones that refused to belong to a category.
What a nerdy kid I was!

One of the great challenges in my life is to learn to accept things that cannot be categorised.

The Clow cards are good for me in a deep psycological way.
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